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Feetures Socks

Feetures Performance Socks type with white®

Features Ultra Light Merino

This was one of our favorite socks of the review. It is very comfortable and we loved the lower profile. The sock never moves around and fits snug. We loved the extra compression on the bottom of my foot and felt like it helped with the slight plantar fasciitis that some of our testers have been experiencing. The sock was excellent in every terrain and trail that we had it on. It breathes and dries very well and was comfortable with every shoe. We were very impressed and will add this sock to all of our arsenals.

Feetures has really made an excellent wool sock here for runners. In addition,  the arch support gives this sock a multi faceted nice sock. At only $15.99, Feetures gives runners a nice price point sock, as well as options for No Show, Quarter and Crew heights.

  • Feetures Elite Merino+ Ultra Light Quarter
  • Feetures Elite Merino UL No Show
  • Feetures Merino
  • Feetures ultralig ht-quarter-merinoblend-2
  • Feetures Elite Ultra Light Merino Rating

Feetures Elite Ultra Light

The Feetures Elite Ultra Light was our testers second overall favorite sock. Not only were they very good looking, they performed exceptionally well. The Sock Lock is an excellent feature and makes a nice difference in the runners need for targeted compression. Each of our testers ran in spring like conditions and yet agreed that the socks wicked nicely. All of the spouses agreed that the Feetures Elite Ultra Light socks did not have that distinguishable odor typical among Synthetic socks. All of this for the price of $15. WOW! They also offer No Show, Low Cut and Quarter lengths.

  • Feetures Elite Ultra Light Rating
  • Feetures UL
  • Feetures UL No Show
  • Feeture Elite Ultra Light No Show

Feetures Elite Light Cushion 


  • Feeture Light Cushion
  • Feetures ELite Light Cushion Rating
  • Feetures Light Cushion
  • Feetures Light Cushion Crew

Feetures offers a variety of sock weights to fit any runners needs. These are all similar to the Ultra Light in that they include the targeted compression, odorless synthetic fabrics, and great construction lessening the potentiality of blisters.

Feetures Elite Max Cushion

  • Feetures Elite Max Cushion No Show
  • Feetures Max Cushion
  • Feetures Elite Max Cushion Rating


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