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May 10, 2016 Comments (0) Uncategorized

Point 6 Socks – Ultra Light & Extra Light


We were surprised at how well we liked this sock. It was comfortable and provided padding in all of the right places. We never noticed any blisters or discomfort. They did take some wearing in, but eventually seemed at home on the trails. For this test we tested both the Ultra Light Sprinter and Extra Light. In comparison to other brands versions of light, these were heavier weight and yet durable.

The Ultra Light can be purchased for $15.95. It comes in a No Show as well as a Quarter Length version. The color options online are quite nice. These are a combination of wool and synthetic.

The Extra Light sells for $16.95. Additionally, they offer a No Show as well as a Quarter Length version. These are a combination of wool and synthetic.

  • Point 6 in action
  • Point 6 socks
  • Point6 Running Sprinter Extra Light Mini Crew
Point6 Running Extra Light Rating

Point6 Running Extra Light Ratings

Point6 Running Ultra Light Rating

Point6 Running Ultra Light Ratings

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