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June 7, 2017 Comments (0) Featured, Gear Reviews, Photos

Colorful Crews Socks Review

It seems that all the rage right now are colorful crew socks. Trail and Ultra staff have been enjoying these socks also. Take a look at some pictures from some of our favorite brands and colors.

I love the Feetures socks, they are amazing


They have carried me to many a PR in the past two months.


I love my Feetures tall crew socks. The only pair I own that stays up for a full trail run.


As strong as my thighs!!


They help keep the debris out.



The foot portion is very comfortable, leaving plenty of room in the toes–without being baggy–while providing support throughout the midfoot and ankle.

These compression socks were lightweight yet very supportive, especially perfect for recovery. One added benefit is I could sit a little closer to the campfire without toasting my shins. 🙂











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