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March 1, 2012 Comments (0) Gear Reviews

Native Dash XP Sunglasses Review

I feel blessed to have pretty good luck; well unless we’re talking sunlasses.  I break them at a comical rate.  Maybe the issue is that I’ve never spent more than $20 on a pair.  While walking through Charlestown somehow I found myself standing inside a sunglasses store; stores I’ve always felt I should avoid.  I decided to just throw out the facts and say how I’m considering upgrading to a pair of better glasses.  I also tell the sales guy that if I’m going to spend big money then I want a fantastic warranty.  The sales guy was actually great.  He showed me some lower priced brands with great warranties but none of the styles worked.  The next step up was the Native brand.  When I tried the Dash XP’s on I noticed the lenses had very clear optics. I also noticed how light the frames were even though they felt rigid and strong.

After some hee hawing I decided to impulse buy.  At an only modest sum of $110, I felt no need to panic after I walked out of the store.

The rest of the day and during the drive home I used them and was really impressed.  Of course I still felt the need to get online, look at all the reviews, check pricing and verify the warranty.  What I found allwed me to completely relax. Good reviews, warranty policy is super strong and I didn’t get hosed on the price.

The Dash XP’s come with a case, softcloth bag and an extra set of rose colored lenses.  The rose lenses have been fantastic on the trails.  They enhance the contrast under tree cover, giving me more confidence while running.

At this point I’ve used them about 40 hours and swapped lenses 5 times. No signs of problems yet.  I’m gonna give them an early favorable recommendation.  The value test will be 6 months; that would just about cover $110 in cheap glasses for me.

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