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December 29, 2011 Comments (2) Gear Reviews

Montrail Rogue Racer Trail Shoe Review




  • Overall Design: 3.75
  • Weight: 4.75
  • Durability: 3.0
  • Value: 3.0

When I went out searching for new trail shoes I had decided I wanted something as light and flexible as my well worn in road shoes, the Brooks Launch.  In the past I had tried on many bigger, heavier trail shoes but couldn’t adopt the chunky clunky ride.

While hanging out in Boulder I decided to take my frustrated self to Boulder Running Company.  I told them exactly the ride and feel I wanted.  I was jonesing to buy a zero drop minimalist shoe.  Thankfully BRC had a finely tuned ear and instead they guided me to the Montrail Rogue Racer.  Good thing, they got it right.

After three pairs…  I really enjoyed shoe with a couple of things that eventually moved me toward something beefier.

First for the good news.  The weight and flexibility of the shoe is superb.   They were very light and made me feel quick and nimble on all kinds of trails.  Second, I loved that I could wear them without socks.  Call it Anton man crush but I love being able to feel my toes connect with the shoe directly.  Thirdly, the lugs gripped nicely on rocks which, combined with the rest of the ride, added to some major confidence on the trail.   Finally, they cleared water well and the construction of the upper parts held up better than expected.

The things I didn’t like, and which drove me away where the following.  While the lugs were grippy they wear down way too fast.  At $70 per pair I wouldn’t be complaining but at $110 (retail store price) I must have longer wear.  Expect about about 100 to 150 miles before their lugs are gone making certain downhills sketchy.  Next, the EVA foam crushed quickly but that makes little difference to me on the trails.  Also, the ride was had just too much feel on rocky terrain.  The soles of my feet would be absolutely destroyed over 20 miles.

For the runner with the right feet these light weight racers will make you feel nimble and lightening fast. For that person, just be ready to spend and spend again if you wear them often.


2 Responses to Montrail Rogue Racer Trail Shoe Review

  1. leeapeea says:

    Read this after your Bajada review- I’m a Masochist girl, and grabbed a pair of Rogues this winter when looking for something to wear on the hot hot days in NH. Then and now Zappos had the Rogue for under $75, and Amazon almost ALWAYS has one of the colors on sale. Since they’re gonna get dirty anyways, I get whatever color is cheapest.

    One thing I’ll add that is a pro for Montrail (and no, I don’t get payment from them, though I wouldn’t turn away a coupon or something) is the heel cup. It’s absolutely made me feel secure on any terrain with any of their styles.

  2. mkreuzer says:

    Thanks Leea! Love that you read the articles.
    That’s a good mention about Zappos and Amazon. I never looked there. I always buy my first pair from the store where I tried them on. This is a service that I feel they should be compensated for and it keeps the money in the community.
    You’re right on the heel cup; it’s a nice fit and has never worn my heel raw.

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