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September 20, 2013 Comments (0) Gear Reviews, Training

Optic Nerve Crux Polarized Sunglasses – Product Review

Running trails, whether during training or in a race, is difficult enough without the added challenge of a bright sun, transitioning from light to shadow, and reflections off of puddles and rocks. Having a good pair of sunglasses can reduce those impacts, allowing for one less thing for you to worry about when other tasks require your concentration.

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Optic Nerve Crux

We teamed up with Optic Nerve, a leading sunglasses manufacturer, to test and review their new Polarized performance glass, the Crux. These sunglasses will be available in early 2014, but you can see how we feel about them now. The Crux has a full Polarized lens meant to diffuse sun rays and reflection. It is a wrap-around sport model designed to allow for excellent air flow but still sit close to the face.

The TAUR test review period lasted for a period of  5 weeks and were tested in nearly every type of condition; from early mornings to midday to evening, during long training runs to 100 mile races, and in cool humid weather to hot, dry heat. Our testers, both men and women who are all over the country had this to say about the Crux.

*Note: all ratings are from 1 – 5.

Fit to Face: 4.33

What we liked: Rebecca, “They fit nice and snug on my face without giving me a headache from being too tight. Such a relief!”

Leslie, “I have a really sensitive head to pressure and many sunglasses don’t work, these did but definitely felt secure.”

Con: Matt, ” I found them to be a little snug by the ears (I have a big head), not a lot of ability to adjust the ear pieces, but once I played with them a little they settled in and felt great.”

Ride: 4.67

What we liked: Pete, “No bouncing, hopping or skipping from the glasses. They fit like a teddy bear on my face. Best running glasses I’ve have ever had.”

Matt, “I was able to bomb downhills without even noticing that I was wearing them. No bounce. Grippy rubber on the nose, temple, and ear pieces kept things nice and snug.”

Con: None

Air Flow: 4.17

What we liked: Craig, “I had one or two issues with fogging if I stopped, but as soon as I started running again they cleared right up.”

Rebecca, “No issues with fogging.”

Con: Matt, “Airflow was above average, but would still get a little fogged up when the air was cool and I was working hard and slow up a climb. Didn’t fog nearly as easily as my Oakley Flak Jackets.

Polarized Quality: 4.0

What we liked: Mark, “They were really good. I have non polarized and polarized and could definitely tell the difference.”

Craig, “Amazing quality of vision. Amazing depth.”

Con: Rebecca, “I got blurrier vision with them on. I did a run that ran against a half marathon and I struggled to see the faces of the racers as they went by. They were fine with blocking light, but they were hard to see out of later on in the run.”

Style & Color: 4.0

What we liked: Leslie, “I have a small face so not everything looks good but I’m happy with these.”

Matt, “Good looking glasses, a little larger than some, but that gives you better coverage and protection.”

Con: Mark, “They look very sports driven… not something I’d wear out and about as much.”

Overall Rating of the Optic Nerve Crux Polarized:



Final Comments:

Craig, “Great sunglasses, best I’ve worn in years for running.”

Rebecca, “When it got darker during my run, I put the glasses up on my head. I was happy how well they stayed put and didn’t bother me, even an hour later.”

Matt, “This is an excellent choice for anyone that wants quality, well fitting sunglasses that’s not going to break the bank. For the white/white glasses, the grippy rubber did get a little discolored (yellowish, orange), which I don’t think you’d notice as much on glasses that have a different colored frame (blue/white).

Please leave your comments and let us know what you think of Optic Nerve. We will also be doing a review of Optic Nerve’s Lifestyle line very soon. Come back to check out our latest reviews.

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