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Nathan VaporKrar 4L & VaporHowe 4L Race Vest Review


The VaporKrar 4L and VaporHowe 4L are Nathan’s lightweight runner’s race vests that are form-fitting yet breathable!

The VaporKrar’s and VaporHowe’s front features two soft flask pockets, two minimal velcro storage pockets and two zipper pockets on the shoulder area for additional storage.  The back features a lower pocket below a two sectioned upper pocket that is capable of holding a hydration bladder and other small items. The side straps have velcro pockets for additional storage.

The pack’s snug fit and its effectiveness on both shorter and longer runs make it a great option for the “Do it All” hydration vest. It has a bladder holder on the back for the longer days that is easily removable for the quick run after work. With the exception of the zipper on the straps, the storage areas contain a small velcro strap that doesn’t offer much security for items you are carrying in those pockets.

The VaporHowe is a refreshing departure from traditional Nathan vests with its lightweight materials and smooth, body-wrapped fit. The soft flasks with straw tubes in the front pockets make drinking from soft flasks much easier than traditional bottles and the easy access passthrough pocket makes it easy to reach anything you need without taking it off. The shape and fit of the large main compartment allows for the addition of a bladder without a lot of extra bulk or bounce. The smaller elastic pockets on the front of the vest mean you can carry soft flasks AND phone, gels, or other small items without stuffing them all in the same pocket.

Fit – 5.0

The VaporKrar offers straps on the side and front to help attain a snug, movement free fit. This keeps the pack in place on the climbs and downhill sections with easy adjustment. This vest is light and rides incredibly well. It has the feel of a smaller capacity race vest.


Performance – 5.0

After testing the VaporKrar 4L on longer runs and shorter runs, this pack is light enough to strap on and feel like you are running with only a shirt for shorter outings and also has enough storage and hydration for longer adventures. With the adjustable straps, you can tighten and loosen the pack as needed to accommodate the gear you plan to carry along the way.

The VaporHowe 4L vest performs in just about every situation. It is light, comfortable, breathes well and rides like a dream. The vest has storage capacity to store anything that you would need for an all day adventure run or day in the mountains.



Storage Capacity – 4.0

The storage on the pack is plentiful. The small velcro fasteners leave room for items to bounce out on a run. A zipper pocket on the front, lower section and on the sides would reduce the chances of losing items along the way. The larger front pockets for soft flasks could be improved with some kind of tighter elastic or adjustable pull string for holding items other than a soft flask.


Stability – 5.0

The pack is very stable, but seems to run just the slightest bit big and had to be pulled all the way tight on runners who would normally wear the same size comfortably in other vests without pulling them quite as tight. With four adjustable straps, it is easy to attain stability and comfort with the VaporKrar.


Durability – 4.0

At first glance, the VaporKrar & VaporHowe doesn’t look like they could withstand much off trail adventure that requires maneuvering through trees or brush. After several days off trail as well as on trail, this pack has held together great. Don’t be fooled, this pack can withstand a beating.

The pack itself is incredibly durable and the color is resilient without fading. The only durability complaint is the bottles themselves. The lids have to be screwed on exactly right and turned very tight or they will leak. In some cases, if the bottles are screwed on crooked even once – which is very easy to do when trying to quickly refill and leave an aid station – the lids no longer seal at all.


Appearance – 4.0

The VaporKrar is nothing fancy but that’s what makes it great. It fits tight on the body and the gray color makes it blend with whatever shirt you are wearing.

The VaporHowe 4L vest comes in a beautiful light salmon color scheme that pairs well with most running clothes and stands out wonderfully in photos. The reflective and branding details look great.


Overall – 4

After running with the VaporKrar on shorter runs and longer adventures, it has proven to be the perfect do it all pack. It is light enough to feel as though you are running with nothing on shorter outings. It has enough storage and hydration capacity to keep you going on the longer days. With storage for food, a small jacket and hydration, you can count on this pack for all of your running needs.


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