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January 22, 2014 Comments (2) Calendar, Race Reports, Trails, Training

Scott Sports Idaho Trail Ultra Series

The 2014 Scott Sports Idaho Trail Ultra Series offers up the best trail running Idaho has to offer through a series of eight trail races that are a collaboration of six different Race Director teams. The ITUS is sponsored by Scott Sports and The Pulse Running & Fitness in Meridian, Idaho.

The ITUS races are spread throughout the year from January through October and vary in terrain from a flat loop course at the Pickled Feet Runs in March to 10k feet granite scree peaks at the Standhope 60k in August; all the variety means that placing high in the series points requires being a versatile trail runner.

The series starts off with a winter classic – the Wilson Creek Frozen 50k, which is about an hour from Boise, Idaho, on January 18th. Currently, the first three races of the ITUSDirtyDozen2013season are open for registration: Wilson Creek Frozen 50k (Melba, ID), Pickled Feet Runs (Eagle, ID), and River of No Return Endurance Runs (Challis, ID).

Points are tracked for all runners who complete ultra distance events at every race. No registration for the series is required. Prizes are awarded to the top Dirty Dozen (top 6 men and top 6 women); in addition, all series participants who complete 4 or more races will receive a nice prize from Scott Sports and The Pulse Running & Fitness at a party held at The Pulse to close out the year. Full points and rules are available on the website. 30 people (14 women, 16 men) completed the series in 2013.

2014 Scott Sports Idaho Trail Ultra Series Schedule: 

  1. Wilson Creek Frozen 50k | 50K, 20.3M, 10.8M, 5M2014_ITUS_postcard_front
    January 18, 2014, Wilson Creek Trails, Hwy 78, Melba, Idaho
    Presented by Pickled Feet Ultra Running, Emily Berriochoa & Amy King, RDs
    In this unique winter running experience on the stunning Wilson Creek trail system, you will traverse the Reynolds Creek gorge and summit Wilson Peak while braving the elements and enjoying the scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities. If you are looking for an epic adventure, you will not be disappointed.
  2. Pickled Feet 48/24/12/6 Hour, 100 Mile Runs & 48 Hour Relay
    March 27-29, 2014, Eagle Island State Park, Idaho
    Presented by Pickled Feet Ultra Running, Emily Berriochoa & Amy King, RDs
    You were always looking for a timed race without asphalt and concrete hurting your feet and joints, where you can enjoy nature while running on trails. Look no more. This beautiful course is a certified 2.5 mile ‘lollipop loop’ composed of dirt trail and gravel road bordering the Boise River and Eagle Island pond, long enough to keep you interested, yet short enough to provide frequent aid. Set new goals with mild terrain and excellent support to aid your success. 100 Mile has a 32 hour cutoff. **New for 2014: 48 Hour!**
  3. River of No Return Endurance Runs | 100K, 50K, 25KDannyBarrett_FF_JB
    June 21, 2014, Challis, Idaho
    Paul Lind & Neal Russell, RDs
    Designed to be tough and beautiful, the courses will tease runners with a downhill start and finish in Challis (elev 5200’) sandwiched around some big mountain climbs over 8-9000 feet. Elk, deer, eagles, bears and wolves add to the mystique of the River of No Return, as do the forgotten mines and mining communities, old Idaho traditions – all surrounded by the very supportive community of Challis.
  4. McCall Trailrunning Classic | 40M, 20M, 10M
    July 12, 2014, Jug Mountain Ranch, McCall, Idaho
    Jeremy & Brandi Humphrey, RDs
    This race will be a fun, mid-summer test of endurance on the trails surrounding Jug Mountain Ranch and Boulder and Louie Lake. Great scenery, fast trails, and great crew access converge to make up a great weekend of racing in McCall.
  5. 2014_ITUS_postcard_backWild Idaho Endurance Runs | 50M, 50k, 15M
    July 26, 2014, 
    Boiling Springs Campground, Crouch, Idaho
    Jon Kinzer, RD
    These are tough races, boasting 16,000 and 10,200 feet of gain respectively for the 50 Mile and 50 K races. Test your mettle in the Treasure Valley’s beautiful backyard, just a 2 hour drive from Boise at the Boiling Springs Campground near Crouch.
  6. Standhope 60k | 60k, 25k
    August 9, 2014, Phi Kappa Campground, Mackay, ID
    Ben Blessing, RD
    The Standhope 60k is a point-to-point trail ultra through the Pioneer Mountains, peaking out at 11,000 ft over rough terrain and passing along the shores of Goat Lake, the highest lake in Idaho. Entrants will be rewarded with a truly breathtaking and difficult mountain run.
  7. IMTUF 100 Mile | Idaho Mountain Trail Ultra Festival
  8. September 20-21, 2014
    Burgdorf Hot Springs, McCall, Idaho
    Jeremy Humphrey, RD
    Join us near the beautiful resort town of McCall, Idaho for a 100 mile race that is alpine to the core. Crossing eight high passes and gaining around 21,000 feet, this world class course was crafted to be tough and breathtakingly scenic. IMTUF is a Hardrock 100 qualifier.
  9. Foothills 50k Frenzy | 50k
    October 4, 2014, Boise, Idaho
    Presented by The Pulse Running & Fitness, Jenny Stinson, RD
    Boise’s first and only trail ultra, the Foothills 50K Frenzy runs through the spectacular single-track trails of the Boise foothills. With nearly 6000 feet of ascent, the terrain is of moderate difficulty, providing a challenge to all runners but not too hard for first-timers.



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