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Outdoor Retailer Review – Day 2

August 6, 2015 Comments (0) Featured, Gear Reviews

Outdoor Retailer 2015 – Day 1 Review

The TAUR team was back in action at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market this year. This time, not only to see and experience the new products and companies that will be bringing cutting edge technology to the trail and ultra community, but to share the new website that went live last week.

Craig Lloyd, Trail And Ultra Running CEO, spent much of the first day sharing the new philosophy and Core Values (Community, Industry, Adventure) with key members of the industry. The response was staggering as marketing and PR directors from companies across the board seemed blown away by how the nature of the values integrated with the foundational structure and focus of the website design. One PR rep stated that “TAURs new design will inevitably set a high standard for other publications to follow.”

Pete Stoughton, Product Review Coordinator, worked back-to-back appointments all day with companies who plan to bring new product designs to retail shelves as early as this Fall. Many runners will see shocking new changes to classically popular items from Ultimate Direction, Leki, Merrell, and others. And this was just Day 1. The following is a sneak peak into just a couple of the new, hot items, hitting the shelves of running stores over the next several months.

IMG_0313Ultimate Direction will introduce massive changes to their Signature Series vests. Look for more info on that in a later article. One new item worth mentioning here, however, is the introduction of a new vest to their line, the Marathon Race vest. This sleek vest will change the way you train and race shorter distances. With a rear accessible pocket and pockets for a soft flask and cell phone, this race gives you just enough to get through your next 2 hour run.


imagejpeg_1Merrell will also introduce a new shoe, the All Out Crush, designed with the “mud run” folks in mind. This light trail shoe will turn heads. It certain turned the heads of TAUR staff. Used for obstacle and fell races, it appears it will also perform well on loose scrambles and off-trail excursions. Look for a full review of this product later this year.


And that’s just a quick hit of day one. While work at the Outdoor Retailer show is taxing and long, there is always time for play. Technical Director, Jenna, made sure to take some time for a little Acro-Yoga and work on those core muscles. She was smart enough though to follow it up with a little time in a relaxing ENO hanging chair. Stay tuned tomorrow for more exciting news from Summer OR.


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