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July 31, 2018 Comments (4) Featured, Gear Reviews

Ruhn Co. Gear Review

Over the last several years we at TAUR have reviewed most of the major compression companies on the market. Being able to test and review Ruhn Co. rounds out the opportunity to cover most of the top brands and we are excited to share our results with you. We’ve put more than 100 miles on each piece of gear and can speak clearly and decisively about how well Ruhn products work.

Women’s Shorts, 3/4 Pants, & Compression Bra

A note before we begin, sizing with our women was very particular. Sizes are very defined. A small is small. If you’re historically a borderline small/medium, definitely go up. If you’re a natural medium, definitely do NOT try a small, it won’t work. Keep that in mind as you look to make a purchase. It will save you the heartache of having to go through a return policy.

Women’s Short – $48

What stands out about this short is the comfortable polymide/spandex fabric, allowing for solid compression but still comfortable around the legs and waist. The laser cut, heat-bonded pockets on either side of the shorts will easily hold your phone (yes, even an iPhone 8+) without bouncing.

Tester feedback found that the 4″ inseam might be a bit short for anyone who actually has a butt. Road runners don’t tend to have that problem as much as trail runners, so for them it’s probably a great fit. However, the standard mountain mountain runner tends to have more muscular thighs and glutes than roadies and because of that the shorts tend to creep up a but under the cheeks. We’d recommend Ruhn Co consider a road and trail option, with the trail option having a 5″ inseam. The waistline seemed pretty spot on, however, which is rare with other compression companies, they tend to be too high. Not sure what the target is on this, but it’s not overly desirable to have a waistband that goes up to the bellybutton. So kudos Ruhn, you nailed it on the shorts.

Both testers found the pockets to be super handy since it meant they didn’t have to carry a waist belt or vest on shorter runs. They could stash a phone on one side and a key on the other. Beyond that, the shorts were comfortable, moved well, and didn’t cause chafing.

Women’s 3/4 Pant – $68

Intended for those in between weather days, the Ruhn 3/4 pant offers a soft, durable fabric designed to reduce friction and provide long term comfort. The fabric is thick enough to replace the need for a base layer, providing a perfect balance between warmth and breathability to offer comfort in a full range of conditions.

Our tester felt the length was slightly short for her, but she also has extremely long legs. Many companies tend to run their 3/4 pant a bit too long, so for the average height woman these will be just right. The one negative was that the waistline was actually a bit low in the tights. As our tester ran and the tights loosened up, they actually slipped down her hips. Unfortunately, our other tester had significant issues with the entire upper part. The seams in the gusseted crotch created friction and the back of the tights were tight to the point that they didn’t allow room before transitioning down to her legs, resulting in chaffing. Ultimately, for her, after only a few runs she struggled to finish out the test cycle. The side pocket is handy, although with a larger phone (iPhone 7+) it would pull down on the waistline.

Women’s Compression Bra – $28

The Women’s Compression Bra is a highly supportive, comfortable bra that is intended to create a low-profile look and feel. The back straps are thin and strategically placed so as not to be too apparent under clothing. This is considered a moderate compression, so it shouldn’t fit too tightly. The straps over the collarbone were a little thick and caused rubbing when wearing a vest, but otherwise very comfortable when worn alone.

As previously mentioned, this bra seemed to fit right at the intended size. One tester thought she could wear a small, as she was a small in other sports bras, but in the Ruhn brand she had to go up to a medium. Both reported that once on it performed well and provided ample support. The back straps were comfortable and flattering, but didn’t feel bulky under a shirt.


Men’s Compression Short & Half Zip Long Sleeve

9″ and 6″ Base Compression Short – $49

What really sets this short apart from the competition is the lack of seams. There are none, which means there are no opportunities for chaffing as a result of seams rubbing. It’s a comfortable short, offering a side and back laser cut pocket. The side pocket will hold an iPhone 8+. We couldn’t tell you what the back pocket is for. We don’t have any idea why someone would want to put something in a back pocket (slightly off to the right) that will press directly against your butt and hip bone.

So here’s the deal. Ultimately, both testers felt like this short was like every other compression short on the market; too long for the 9″ (our tester who had the 6″ said it was just right), too high of a waist, and no internal support. For the love of god, can someone please make a run compression short with a front gusseted liner? We’ve tested several brands of compression shorts and not a single brand offers this. They all claim to offer enough support to not need it, but ultimately what happens is that our legs sweat, the lower half of the shorts start to sag down our legs and the support promised is gone. Maybe our testers just don’t have the manhood to keep things up, who knows, but a subtle front half liner would be amazing. The triathlon world had this figured out years ago, not sure what has happened with the specialty run industry.

Quarter Zip Top 2.0 – $48

Again, Ruhn nailed it with the limited seams, reducing points of friction. With the new model they have also provided a reinforced zipper, which means better support up front. Be mindful, this isn’t a true compression shirt. It fits snug, but isn’t really intended to act as a full compression recovery/training shirt. It’s a great half-zip long sleeve, intended for colder days. With this purpose it works well.

Where the shorts seemed to size pretty spot on, the half zip shirt did run small. In fact, for one tester who had a broken hand and had to have a splint on, they couldn’t wear the shirt for the first 6 weeks of testing because the sleeve wouldn’t fit over the splint. While the arms are very compression, there is little compression in the torso. It’s a great fit (albeit a bit small), but the piece, as a whole, seems to lack a little in identity. Is it compression or isn’t it? And the neckline is super wide (see picture below). With the zipper fully up it still left massive gaps around the neck.

For the cost and as a colder weather piece, we support the idea of getting it, based on comfort alone. But not necessarily as a compression piece, which we believe Ruhn stands behind for this particular product.

If you want to check out these and other products by Ruhn, visit them at their site:

4 Responses to Ruhn Co. Gear Review

  1. Lyndsay says:

    Back pocket is the phone pocket. It’s placed at an angle for easy access while running. We omitted the back pocket on the Men’s full-length leggings and everyone was bummed. So ultimately it’s a great addition according to many of our customer’s feedback.

  2. Ashley says:

    Man, I have LOVED my Ruhn gear!! It’s the only thing I’ll train and race in! My very favorite is the 3/4 pants. They hit at the perfect length and no chafing.

    I’ll be a Ruhn enthusiast forever!!

  3. BT says:

    I found Ruhn a little less than two years ago after emptying vasoline jars on my upper thigh/groin area while pacing a hot section of the WF100. I had some chaffing and was complaining at an aid station when one of the other runners was sporting Ruhn. I tracked them down and got me a pair of the 6” compression shorts a few weeks after the race. I’ve been involved in ultra running since 2002, and Vasoline was something I carried on every run over 10 miles. I’ve been vasoline free since picking up Ruhn’s shorts. As for the “support” issue discussed in the review, I wont judge anyone’s manhood, but I’ve found the support to be the right mix of supportable without overly restricting. I have a couple other Ruhn products (1/4 zip and full length compression pant) and my personal opinions is that the seamless compression design is long overdue.l, and they do a great job with it. In addition to running, I use the Ruhn gear for skiing, climbing and cold weather biking. Overall, Ruhn converted me with the compression short, and for the most part those I train with have found the same result. Thanks for the insight on women’s products as well! My wife has been wanting some insight. Cheers!

  4. Porter Rappleye says:

    I’ve been sporting Ruhr gear for about a year now and I don’t intend to ever look back. On long runs (10 miles or more) I use to chaff in just about everywhere you can imagine (just ask my wife… not a pretty sight). Not the case anymore due to Ruhn’s innovative seamless design. I can go on 20+ mile runs now and literally not feel any irritation due to my apparel. It’s incredible! There really isn’t another compression short an ultra runner should ever wear… in my humble opinion.

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