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October 26, 2015 Comments (0) Gear Reviews, Uncategorized

SmartWool PhD product line

SmartWool has dialed in its running apparel line with its Ultra Light fabric. This PhD line has a variety of options for wool enthusiasts. The Merino wool is extremely efficient in a plethora of environments, drys quickly and manages moisture and odors very well. Just hear what our testers had to say.

“The smart wool products were very soft and comfortable. The shirt was very comfortable no matter what conditions I was using it in. It worked very well when the temperatures were cold, and also when it was warm. I thought it might be a little too hot to take out when it was warm, but I was wrong. It actually performed very well when I took it out in the heat. I was very impressed with how quickly the shirt would dry. I was also very impressed with how comfortable both products were for being wool. They were very soft. I really liked the socks and found that they were very comfortable. I never had any hotspots or blisters. I also noticed that the socks did an excellent job of wicking moisture away from my feet. They were very breathable and wicked moisture away from my body. These are excellent all-purpose all weather products and I am adding them to my regular rotation.”

“For me, the PhD line from SmartWool is more of a cold weather piece. Smartwool socks always feel great. They aren’t too thick and they don’t move around on the foot much. I’ve always had concerns with durability, but these seem to be quite an improvement. After 100 miles or so on them I didn’t really notice any wear-spots.”

Ratings on a scale of 1-5 from our TAUR Testers

Durability 4.5
Moisture management 4
Odor Resistance 4
Cold Weather Application 4
Ability to Dry quickly 4
Weight Varies
Price $70 – $120 – PhD T-Shirt, shorts, long sleeve, etc.


  • SmartWool PhD
  • SmartWool PhD
  • SmartWool PhD

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