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May 10, 2016 Comments (0) Uncategorized

Stance Fusion Run


Our team was really excited to test the new Stance Fusion socks. Stance has grown as a popular brand among the kids and has a huge following. At first, we were skeptical on their ability to withstand the demands of the trails. Additionally, we were really hesitant to get these beautiful socks dirty. However, the socks visually and functionally held up to the demands our testers put on them. One major drawback for the No Show version is the enormous tab on the back of the socks.

The Stance Fusion Run socks are a Synthetic sock with bold designs. It is moderately priced at $15 a pair. For those locking for basic No Show, they have those for you, but we would recommend the Crew styles.


  • Stance Fushion Run Bandit
  • Stance in action
  • Stance Fushion Run

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