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September 16, 2015 Comments (1) Community, inspiration, Interviews, Runner Spotlight

Jameelah Mujaahid

Single mother of 5 children (20, 15, 14, 10, & 6) – CHECK

Near full-time employee caring for an aging population (55-99) – CHECK

Runs and works out 4-5 days a week, often multiple runs or workouts in a single day – CHECK

Finisher of the VolState 500k, 285 mile finisher at Across the Years, and countless other ultras and other multi-day stage races – CHECK

Anyone else exhausted just trying to mentally grasp the magnitude of Jameelah? Yeah, us too.

20150502_150410Jameelah Mujaahid, of Atlanta, Georgia, started running ultras in 2009 as a way to lose baby weight. She knew she wasn’t as fast as she once was on the track, so she targeted something longer than a marathon and that’s when she found her place in ultra-marathons.

When asked to provide a little background into why she runs, Jameelah responded,

I do well in my races when the odds are against me. It seems to drive me to finish and finish well so others will look at me and say, ‘shoot if she can do that then I can run my first 5k or I can walk a mile even though the doctor said I would never walk again’.”

And inspiration, she is. Mujaahid can frequently be seen pushing her seniors to regain the healthy lifestyle they once had or driving her children to get better grades in school (all of them are A/B students), at the same time living a healthy lifestyle. Her children each race one to two times a month, anywhere from a 10k to a half marathon. Equally as frequent are her posts on the Trail And Ultra Running Facebook group. Comments to her posts prove the influence she has on people.

But it’s not just about influence or being an example, Jameelah pushes herself because it’s simply a part of who she is. Always busy, always moving, always inspirational. When asked what her future goals for running are, she simply stated,

I am striving to become the first African American to represent the USA on the World Endurance Team. I made that promise to myself last August when I set a World Age Group Record by running 285.50 miles on a 400 meter track in Alaska at 6 days in the Dome.”

Inspired by active parents, Mujaahid was instilled early on with a deep work ethic and a drive to never give up.

My family is strong willed and they are supportive of my running. That is evident by watching my kids when I have races and nothing in my house skips a beat”, Jameelah adds. 

Jameelah, with her four sons and daughter

Jameelah, with her four sons and daughter

TAUR is honored to share Jameelah’s story and to spotlight her as our runner this month. Please share your Comments and inspiring stories. We hope Jameelah’s influence motivates you to get out there and reach your goals.

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  1. I am inspired every time I read about Jameelah. I’m so honored to personally know her! Keep doing it big Jam!

    LaWanda Brokenborough

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