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Stocking Stuffers for Runners

Shopping for your friends and loved ones for the holidays can be exceptionally challenging, especially during a pandemic. With everyone spending more time at home and budgets being tight, we thought we could recommend some small but extremely helpful gifts for those who run.
The Dreaded Tennis ball
  • Yes, this is one you can steal from the tennis courts or from the local gyms. Every runner needs some sort of Massage Ball, IT Band ball in their closet. Whether you use it or not, they are very helpful. We recommend the Trigger Point MB1 Massage Ball. Not only is it super cool looking, it tastes horrible so dogs wont steal it.
  • Price point $14.99

Band of Death
  • We get it, every physical therapist will tell you runners have horrid hip flexors, adductors and abductors. You don’t need to rub it in. So pretend like you really know what your loved one needs with a set of Exercise Bands. It is like giving your friend a healthy cook book. We get it!! SKLZ exercise bands are a great stocking stuffer for the runners in your life. Additionally, you can make some fun videos using these bands and work muscles we never like to.
  • Price Point – $19.99

Flasks, I mean Soft Flasks that is
  • Now more than ever, Ultra runners are using soft flasks to carry hydration. There is not much better way to tell someone you care then helping them stay hydrated. Hydrate or DIEDRATE!! Hydraflask is the leader is soft flasks and you can select a variety of options. The new Stow 500 ml is a great option for those who want to stash a bottle in a waist pack for the winter runs.
  • $???
Now if you really love someone, or want them to love you
Massage Guns are the new bees knees
  • We honestly have been in love with our massage guns. We have testeed guns from Trigger Point to Sharper Image. The prices range and so do the intensity levels. But ultimately, the gift is one that keeps on giving. We are fans and would encourage any person who loves a runner to splurge and get a massage gun for the runner in your lives.
  • PricePoint – $199 to $299
  • Anywhere…including sharper image

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