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July 11, 2016 Comments (1) Featured, inspiration, Ultra Badasses, Videos

TAUR Runs – Mt Timpanogos

This week on “TAUR Runs” we attack Mt Timpanogos. At 11,700+ ft it is the 2nd tallest peak in the Wasatch Mountain range of Utah. Two main trails lead to the summit. Both are approximately 14 miles, round trip, with 46oo vertical feet of gain to reach the summit.

Each year the local running group, the Wasatch Mountain Wranglers, gather on July 3rd to ring in Independence Day with a run to the summit. They congregate at the Timpooneke Trailhead between 7pm and 9pm (ability dependent) and run to the summit, arriving at nearly the same time around 11pm. After a quick party at the top they all run back down and tailgate in the parking lot until about 2am, when everyone goes home to catch up on needed sleep.

Near the end of the week, Craig (TAUR CEO) and Scott (TAUR tester and writer) went back to Mt Timpanogos to attempt tying the repeat record held by Davy Crockett of 6. Craig was locked on a tight schedule and could only fit in 5 (70 miles, 23,000 vert), but Scott went on to tie the record and complete six total laps of Mt Timpanogos (84 miles, 27,500 vert). The full video of that adventure will come next week.

Until then, enjoy this great footage of TAURites playing around on one of the most beloved mountains in Utah.

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