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June 15, 2017 Comments (1) Featured, Training, Uncategorized, Videos

TAUR Runs – Spring Mountaineering on the Pfeifferhorn


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Spring in the Wasatch Mountains means “mountaineering time”. Snow levels are still deep on the upper peaks, however, avalanche risk is extremely low, so bagging peaks in mountaineering style becomes a viable and relatively safe option. Armed with an ice ax and crampons, local runners and hikers take to the 11,000 ft mountains to tackle lines that are frequently open. With names such as The Grunge, Cold Fusion, and  the Hypodermic Needle, these routes offer the best that the Wasatch has to offer.

This past week Scott Wesemann, Tara Summers, and Craig Lloyd hit up a local mountain favorite, the Pfeifforhorn, taking a line that generally shouldn’t be climbed in dry conditions. Due to loose boulders and scree, the route is often too unsafe in Summer conditions, so traveling over snow becomes the best possible option. Using proper mountaineering techniques and versed in self-rescue, these three enjoyed a perfect Spring day on one of their favorite Peaks.

Craig put together a great video of the trip. We hope you enjoy it.

What do you do to take advantage of unique conditions in your area? Leave a comment!


One Response to TAUR Runs – Spring Mountaineering on the Pfeifferhorn

  1. LD says:

    Ah! Glissading w/crampons or spikes on? Definitely not “proper technique,” and actually a huge cause of injuries.

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