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March 16, 2017 Comments (2) Gear Reviews

Columbia Titan Ultra™ Short Sleeve Shirt

Columbia Titan Ultra Short Sleeve Shirt


The Titan Ultra short sleeve another item from the Columbia collection is one of our favorites. It may seem like just another short sleeve, but is does an outstanding job in keeping you cool and dry. Its Omni-Freeze ZERO technology sweat-activated super cooling is a great added feature as it helps regulate your core temperature to stay cool during warmer and humid days training runs. It is unbelievable featherlight and it works great as a layer, helping to keep us warm through a variety of weather conditions and it did not retain any sweat from being under other layers. Breathable for sure!

This shirt is very soft and amazingly feather light. It fits very true to size. The Titan Short Sleeve Shirt features the new Omni-Freeze sweat activated technology to keep you extra cool on those long summer runs. The shirt did amazingly well in wicking the sweat and keeping me very cool while running. The fabric is very fast drying as well which is a great feature. The seams are flat and do not cause any irritation point. This is a very nice warm weather piece.

Highly recommend.

I’ve worn the shirt at least a dozen times and each time I am reminded why it is in my top three favorites. It keeps me cool, it’s very comfortable, and it fits well. There is simply nothing more I could ask for.

Pros:This short sleeve is very light weight and is built from Columbia’s proprietary Omni Freeze cooling and Omni Freeze wicking fabric. Wearers will hardly know it’s there, it is so light. The fabric design actually does what it says it’s going to do; the shirt pulls moisture away from the body and allows the shirt to act as a cooling mechanism. And it really works! It is perfect for those hot days when you need to keep a shirt on, but don’t want to use traditional “tech” running shirts. The Titan Ultra is much more than that.

Cons:The only thing we can think of is that it is somewhat high priced and many runners do not buy tech shirts. This might change your perspective.

TAUR Rated: 4.75

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2 Responses to Columbia Titan Ultra™ Short Sleeve Shirt

  1. Mary Kay Fortie says:

    Do they have a running tank with this technology?

  2. Scott says:

    How much does this shirt weigh on average?

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