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The NorthFace Dual NSR Shorts

The NorthFace offers a dual short with a 7” inseam for those taller, or more modest runners. For those a little less tech savvy, a dual short refers to a short having both a full short with a compression linear. The NorthFace chose a bold pattern for these shorts, rather then a more traditional aesthetic. In addition, the shorts feature a UV protection, secure zip pocket and can easily double as a swimming suit.

Ultimately, these shorts are comfy. We found ourselves more likely to lounge around in them before and after a run.  Given their length, we were totally comfortable wearing them out and about and didn’t get the usual, ”Wow those shorts are short” looks from people. The liner is soft and comfortable. However paired with how long they are, we did find these shorts to be quite warm, especially on hotter days. And although they performed well managing the moisture that can easily be produced, the Craig Llyod’s of the world simply need less shorts. These are an ideal short for someone who enjoys a longer short with more coverage. If you like the shorties, these aren’t for you. The pattern is bold, but if it’s too much, the black and grey color combo helps cool down the bold. Bottom line, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better short that covers more than just your bottom. The NSR Dual is a great, no-nonsense, all-purpose running short that can do it all.

  • TNF Dual NSR Short
  • TNF Dual NSR Short
  • TNF Dual NSR Short
  • TNF Dual NSR Short
  • TNF Dual NSR Short
  • IMG_6573
  • TNF Dual NSR Short
  • IMG_6571
  • TNF Dual NSR Short
  • TNF Dual NSR Short
  • IMG_6570

Price – $55

Inseam – 7″

Overall – 4.18





Odor Management-4.5


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