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The NorthFace Better Than Naked Shorts

The NorthFace Dual NSR Shorts

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The NorthFace Kickin Dust Skirt

The new women’s kicking dust skirt is so breathable and unbelievably light that it makes a perfect skirt for a casual outing during summer nights.  The fabric provides excellent ventilation when running especially in warm /hot days. The width of the waistband is a bit wider, but our guess is to provide extra coverage around the abdomen area. It has a built in liner. The Kickin’ Dust Skirt is comfortable fit throughout the run or just a walk around town. It has an elastic adjustable drawstring around the waist that allows you to adjust it to your own comfort. It also comes with a back zipper pocket which allows you to carry your keys with an addition of a gel or two without adding too much weight or bouncing in the back. An overall overview of The North Face skirt, it delivers comfort throughout the run, from short runs up to a 50 mile run.

On a recent 50 mile race one tester shared, “I had a positive experience during a recent 50 mile race; I had a few weeks ago. I like to run with skirts and I am very pleased to find out that TNF had just release this new kicking dust series. Taking the TNF skirt was the best choice I could had made for an expected warm/hot course as Leona Divide50. This skirt did not disappoint me one bit. It kept the moisture from building up and it evaporated just instantly which is why, I loved this skirt. It did not rub against my skin, it always kept dried, always fresh, not a chafing problem and the boy short liner did not ride up as some other boy shorts do. This skirt delivers 100% comfort and performs extremely well in hot weather conditions. Totally a keeper!! Don’t be fool but these skirts can definitely take you places beside your day to day running routes. It makes a great skirt for casual outings or just running errands. I have had this skirt washed so many times and still looking as new that I think durability is one of its strengths as well. TNF Rocks!!”

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Price – $55

Inseam – NA

Overall – 4.7

Fit: 4

Appearance: 4

Durability: 5

Wicking: 5

Odor management: 5

Length: 5

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