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September 6, 2017 Comments (1) Uncategorized

UltrAspire Alpha 3 Review


The UltrAspire Alpha 3 is a comfortable fitting race pack with limited secure storage up front even without the water bottles. This pack support a smaller bladder in the back (not included) and without the water bottles, would make a room for front storage but draw strings only do not allow for much security up front.

Up front bottle holders, pill pocket, small zipped front storage, rid cage storage and rear zipped storage round out the pack.

Fit – 4.0

The UltrAspire Alpha 3 did not bounce, rub or become uncomfortable. Solid fit.


Performance – 3.0

The pack performed well if you plan ahead about how you plan to carry things.

Storage Capacity – 3

This isn’t minimal, and probably shouldn’t be your go-to for a long, self-supported day. Good mid-size race pack.


Stability – 4.0

As mentioned in the fit, this pack rides nice and stays solid on the run. No issues at all.


Durability –  4.0

We anticipate this pack to last as well or better than others. Solid here as well.

Appearance – 3.0

Appearance is always subjective, the Alpha 3 went with straight black. Some love it, for others, maybe not the best choice for sunny and warm weather.


Overall – 3.0

While this pack scored well in most categories, it was hard to give it high overall marks since there is a disparity of secured storage, especially for something you might want to have handy, like a phone. This kept us scratching our heads and worrying about keys getting loose on the run.



One Response to UltrAspire Alpha 3 Review

  1. RL says:

    Hi there ! Thank you for the review, as I evaluate my options after sending UD Vest back due to it not really fitting well, could you answer some questions about the Alpha 3.0?

    – can folded trekking poles be stored horizontally, through the pull through openings on the back? This is presuming the mag closure is held open by the poles, obviously…
    – similarly, can ultraspire water bottles or small soft flasks be stored horizontally in the back, and be pulled from the opening?
    – how much storage room is left in the back with a full 2l reservoir? Do you think there’s enough room for a puffy jacket?

    Thank you in advance

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