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March 6, 2012 Comments (0) Gear Reviews, Training

Gaiters and Trail Running

Here’s a quick one…

“What are those funny looking things on people’s shoes?”.  That’s me talking before my first trail ultra. “Freaking pebbles!”.  That’s me talking again as I empty my shoes for the 10th time during the race.   Light…. Bulb!

Guess who wears the funny looking things on his shoes during almost every trail run now?!

Gaiters are protectors that go over the top of your shoes and come up your ankle or leg some length.  Basically, they keep stuff out of your shoes.

Personally, when in doubt I wear them.  I use small, light weight gaiters that clip on a shoe lace in the front and velcro off the back of my shoe.  A little epoxy on the back of your shoe for the velcro is all the assembly needed.  There are some serious models out there but I’ve never felt the need to step up.

Gonna run trails?  My recommendations is get yourself some gaiters and you’ll run much happier.

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