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Camelbak Ultra Handheld Chill Review


The Camelbak Ultra Handheld Chill is a very light handheld bottle that fits in the palm of your hand perfectly. Elastic straps make it very easy to carry this bottle in several different configurations. The bottle holder features 2 pockets. One large zipper pocket can fit a decent size phone, but nothing too big (more iPhone 5 than iPhone 7 size). On the outside of that pocket is another pocket with elastic closure that is great for carrying extra gels or a bar on your run. The bottle holder also features reflective material that is great for those low light runs.

The bottle (17oz -500 ml) is insulated which is a wonderful feature for those hot summer days. Pop some ice in there and you will have ice cold water for several hours. The bottle opening is large enough to fit normal size ice cubes. The opening is large enough to fill water quickly at aid stations or water stops along the way. The valve features a closing mechanism that can be twisted to prevent leaks during transport.


Fit – 4

The elastic closures make this bottle a nearly perfect fit for any size hand.


Performance – 1

Due to an insulated nature of this bottle, the material gets constricted, and it is very hard to fill the bottle to its full capacity. The bite valve is extremely low flow and very hard to drink from.


Storage Capacity – 4

500ml is a perfect amount for any runs of 1-2 hours. The external pockets are large enough to carry some food and essentials.


Stability – 4

Once the bottle is strapped to your hand, it stays stable through out the run.

Durability – 4

It is a very simple design that should last a long time without any issues.


Appearance – 5

Great color scheme and a good looking handheld.


Overall – 2.5

“I’ve used this bottle out of the box during a very hot Austin Marathon. It kept the water cold. I had issues with refilling this bottle at aid stations, as well as drinking from it.”

While there are a lot of great features to this bottle, since the bite valve is extremely low flow, and we have to work extra hard to get the water out of it, we can’t give it excellent marks overall.

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