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UltrAspire Zygos Review


The Ultraspire Zygos 2.0 was designed for long adventures and ultra-distance runs. The Zygos is a high capacity vest that has a 2L hydration system, as well as two pockets up front that can be used for bottles. There are several pockets and storage compartments that allow you to carry just about anything you would need for an all day adventure or ultra-distance race. The vest is very lightweight and breathable and dries quickly.

Performance – 4.5

Light, breathable, but strong, large holed mesh that dries very quickly.

Durability- 4.5

Silicon and PU coated nylon fabrics, built to resist water, tears, and abrasions.

Storage- 5

Zippered pocket on the shoulder strap that can hold gels and various items, water proof pill pocket on the shoulder strap, and a large rear main storage compartment with a smaller zippered pocket inside to secure smaller items.


Ease of use- 4

Two side pockets that sit on the waist that will hold several gels and other various items. They easily hold a smart phone.

Stability- 4

Max O2 sternum shock stretch cords to adjust fit and ride.

Overall- 4.4

The Ultraspire Zygos is a high capacity vest that is built to carry all of your essentials for an all day outing or and ultra run. What makes the vest unique for a high capacity vest is how well it rides and how comfortable it is. Most higher capacity vests do not perform as well and tend to be a bit sloppy, but the Zygos rides more like a lower capacity race vest. It is one of the best riding vests in its class.

If you are looking for a good quality all-purpose vest with a lot of utility give the Zygos a look. Our testers raved about the performance and features. It really is a vest that can do it all and lives up to the hype.


Fit – Unisex

Size – Small, Medium or Large

Color – Luminous Blue/Precipitous Blue

Hydration – 2L Reservoir

Capacity – 9.34 L


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