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Brooks Winter Apparel Review – Heidi

November 23, 2016 Comments (0) Gear Reviews

Brooks Winter Apparel Review – Pete

Brooks Cascadia Running Jacket

Price – $260

The Brooks Cascadia Jacket is as tough and durable as its namesake. At first appearance we were skeptical of its ability to performa in rugged circumstances, but we tested it at the Bear100 during extreme conditions and later in the Tetons on a long winter run. After 20 some runs in a wide range of circumstances we feel very comfortable rating this jacket.

The Cascadia is a waterproof and resistant jacket that protects you from the elements. The protection the jacket offers is exceptional. We were really impressed with how the fabric cuffs did not collect moisture in wet conditions. As with any waterproof jacket, this is not an extremely breathable jacket. But you want this on in more challenging situations. In comparison, to other competitors on the market the price point is high. Additionally, the added features, zippers and beefed up pockets, do not permit it to pack down as light as others.

All in all, this will certainly be a staple jacket for us.

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Brooks Mazama

Price – $140

Get ready folks, Brooks is entering the light and fast competition with a legit contender. The Mazama is a 6mm drop shoe weighing in at 9.3 oz. It is designed with mountain runners in mind who desire something with a minimal feel but still offers some protection. We would not recommend this shoe for anyone who likes to float on a cloud like platform. Even with the propulsion plate and beefed up toe guard, the shoe still allows the runner to be aware of the terrain and undulations of a run. The shoe almost has a chassis for performance. We were a little let down with the grip of the outsole, but look forward to Brooks making some improvements from this first iteration.

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Brooks Greenlight Running Tight

Price – $85

Coupled with some fast shoes, these tights are a serious combination for speedsters in the winter. Be warned, the slim fit and sexy black look will make you feel faster than your feet may be prepared for. In most tights, we were smalls but these were very snug. A perk for those skinny fast guys. As you can see my abnormally large quads were tight in these bad boys. All joking aside, they are great tights with a great feel and very warm. Since these are pretty aggressive tights, I barely used the pocket in the rear. It held a small key nicely, but not a large phone.

TAUR Rating – 4.75

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