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November 30, 2015 Comments (5) Featured, Gear Reviews

Finding the coffee mug you’ll never want to lose

Many runners love a hot cup of coffee before, after and for some, even during runs. For many runners, their addiction to running is only matched in intensity to that of their addiction to caffeine. For others, a hot beverage paired with a chilly run is nirvana. For most others, coffee mugs are a quintessential daily accessory. We drank hundred of cups of coffee, hot cocoa, and tea to bring you this reviews. Enjoy as much as we did!!


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I was very impressed with this product. I actually dropped the mug once and was expecting it to break but there was only a tiny little scratch that you can barely even notice. It is very tough and durable. I also like that it is very light for how sturdy and durable it is. This was the perfect coffee mug to take on my long runs because I would leave it in the car and when I returned to the car two or three hours later my coffee would still be hot and perfect to drink. Unlike other mugs that I have had in the past this, was very tough and durable and could take a lot of abuse. I was very impressed with the quality and also with how well the product worked. I will definitely use this product in the future. It has become my new favorite coffee mug.

I have been an avid coffee drinker for 20years. Over this time, I have rarely had a mug that I feel remorse for losing them. After including the Hydro Flask in my rotation of mugs, I can honestly say I am very atune to being sure that I never lose my new favorite Hydro Flask. Not only is it amazing, but it is the most durable and tough coffee thermos I have ever had. This thing will last longer then I will.




Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 8.58.29 PM

I tested the 16 oz Camelback Forge. Not having a lot of experience with coffee tumblers, I was really impressed with the Camelbak. I initially used it for my daughter’s cold water container for soccer. the first couple times i filled it full of ice with a little water expecting the ice to melt by the end of practice. Turns out there was no melting and she didn’t have enough water!! After that, I would only put a couple ice cubes in and that was fine for a few hours. It even kept it cold with a little ice left for a full day of school. With hot beverages, It kept a normal 7-11 hot chocolate at a pleasantly warm temperature for 5 hours. After that, it started to be luke-warm. I liked the easy to use drink lever to open and close the mouth. And the mouth was small enough that while walking or driving, a bump or stumble didn’t send the liquid pouring out on me. I took the mug on a cold weather (temps in the high 30’s) trail run, stashed in an external pocket of my Gregory my hydration pack. There was no leaking, the mug was easy to grab and use one handed on the run, even with gloves, and it kept my beverage hot. Nice for a cold weather run. I’m sold! Now I need one for everyone in the family.

Having used plenty of mugs over the last couple years (grad student), I’ve been anxious to find a mug that worked for my active lifestyle yet was light, easy to use, and most importantly, easy to clean. The Camelbak Forge was a GREAT addition to my plethora of mugs. In fact, it quickly became the only mug I was using.

My first great experience with this mug was when it was knocked over in my car from an excited puppy. To my excitement, NO SPILL IN MY CAR! It’s become my go to for ANYTHING. Versatile enough for daily life and activities that we all love. Walking dogs, running, commuting, office life… anytime. And as far as looks go, this one got a lot compliments.

Warm drinks up to 3 hours after biking through 40* weather. Easy clean with separating parts. Camelbak really did some great things with the simplicity of this mug that makes it ergonomic, intuitive, comfortable and my personal favorite mug. And for only $20, it’s a fantastic option for price the conscious consumer. The only downfall is that grad school requires more than 16 ounces of pick me up on those early mornings.





It’s hands down the best coffee mug I’ve ever owned. Seals well. Easy to clean. The opening to drink immediately closes after drinking via spring loaded push button. I absolutely love this thing and bought a second.

Stanley has a legacy of lumberjack quality thermos for the working class. With this, I expected a very durable and quality thermos that keep my coffee hot and carried well. The Stanley thermos exceeded these expectations.





After using Hydro Flask and Contigo for a long time, this product was hard to be satisfied with. The lid is modeled more after a soda cup lid and leaked very easily. This meant I had to make sure to underfill it so it didn’t leak out in my car’s cupholder every time I hit a bump, and when used with hot chocolate, I wasn’t able to periodically shake/stir the liquid around to re-mix it without it spilling out everywhere. The cup portion itself is well-made, but the lip is thick enough that with the lid on, it makes the drinking experience sort of awkward and a little bit would drip down as I pulled my mouth away. Overall, I wasn’t overly happy with this product. The cup base cleans well, but the way the lid is made makes it retain buildup from the dishwasher after just one or two washes, and it’s hard to hand wash completely without residue lingering. It doesn’t seal well and didn’t keep the beverages as hot as other products in the same price range.




“The Avex is easy to drink from and is a go-to for when I’m drinking (coffee!) and driving. While it fails to keep drinks warm while I’m out for a run like the Hydroflask, if I plan on drinking my coffee before I get to the TH, it’s my favorite mug.”



Hydroflask Camelbak Forge Stanley One Hand Mug Klean Kanteen Insulated Tumbler Avex Recharge
Leak Proof Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Cup Holder fit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Easy to Clean Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Durable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sizes 12oz, 16oz, 18oz, & 20oz 12oz & 16oz 12oz, 16oz, & 20oz 16oz 17oz & 20oz
Price $22, $25, $26 & $28 $29 & $30 $25, $28 & $30 $24 $28 & $30

5 Responses to Finding the coffee mug you’ll never want to lose

  1. […] Solid coffee mug review from the guys at TAUR.  I’m working on a double-insulated and pressurized growler review at the moment. […]

  2. Nilo says:

    This is great! An appropriate review for the Hot drink lovers out there!

    One followup question on the HydroFlask, what are you thoughts on the flip-top lid. I have read other reviews on amazon that claim that it leaks. But man, for the amount heat it retains regardless. Wow!

  3. Jimmy says:

    Check out the Temperfect Mug. It harnesses the heat energy of the initial pour of coffee/tea, and then reintroduces it as the liquid begins to cool. Tri-layered stainless design…. Great concept.

    p.s. I’m a backer

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