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2016 Running Shorts Review

June 16, 2016 Comments (0) Gear Reviews

La Sportiva Apparel Review

La Sportiva has released some exciting new apparel, and we couldn’t wait to jump in and hit the trails. This time around, we had each tester give their own thoughts on the pieces that they put through the paces.


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La Sportiva Aelous Short 


The La Sportiva Aelous Short is a 7” inseam short designed for racing or all-day wear.  The outer fabric is an 86% polyester, 14% spandex blend that fits allowing for a snug fit that stretches with body movement. It has a comfortable brief liner, a zipper pocket on the center back of the waist, soft elastic waist with integrated drawstring, and innovative t-shirt loops built into the waist. When I put the shorts on for the first time I was extremely impressed with how they felt.  While they fit a little more snug than I was used to, I quickly grew to like how they hugged and gave coverage to my legs, but stretched with any body movement eliminating the baggy, floppy feeling that so many other shorts with a 7” inseam have.  The elastic waistband was snug enough with a slight amount of grippiness, so that I didn’t need to use the drawstring, and there was no sliding of the shorts.  While on early morning runs with a long sleeve shirt, when it warmed up and the shirt came off, the t-shirt loops were awesome! My shirt slid into the loops and I didn’t have to worry about it bunching up or bouncing around when I normally tie it around my waist.  The only thing that keeps these shorts from being perfect is having only one pocket in the back, but all in all, these are a great pair of shorts that are equally at home on a short trail run out the back door, or an extended all-day adventure.

TAUR Rating

5 out of 5


La Sportiva Apex Shirt 


The La Sportiva Apex shirt is a well designed shirt with an athletic fit. It features a body-mapped venting system, Polygiene anti-odor and anti-bacterial treatment and flat-lock seam technology to eliminate areas of potential chafing. Wearing the Apex shirt took a little getting used to.  It has a snug, athletic fit, and seemed a little constricting in the shoulders and chest.  While I normally wear a medium, I feel in this case that a large may have fit a little better.  Other than that, the shirt was great.  No chafing, great UV protection on long, exposed mid-day runs, and really good moisture control.

TAUR Rating 

4.3 out of 5




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La Sportiva Apex Tank 


The La Sportiva Apex Tank is obviously designed specifically for running. Whether used openly on shorter runs or under a vest during an ultra, this shirt is is fantastic. A simple design, sleeveless, and a fabric molded to improve venting and reduce resistance, this top offers incredible comfort and function.
Do I sound like an advertisement? Thats fine because thats how much I enjoy wearing this shirt. 
Normally I prefer sleeves so that I don’t chafe under the arms, but I don’t have that problem with the Apex Tank. The arm holes are just tight enough to cover abrasion spots, so I can run all day without having to be concerned about problems. I’d highly recommend this shirt to anyone who is looking for a high performance race shirt.

TAUR Rating

5 out of 5

La Sportiva Gust Short 


The La Sportiva Gust short is designed specifically for simplicity, comfort, and range of motion. Comfortable and simple, these shorts performed well on the trail. I wore the shorts on several occasions and the one thing that stood out was that there is no liner. Wearing briefs while running isn’t a problem, it’s something I did all winter when needing to wear tights. However, once Summer comes around it’s all about simplicity. If that is the target with these shorts, then that is exactly what was missed. A 7” inseam also means the shorts are extremely long and tend to be tight around the thighs. Range of motion isn’t deceased in any way, nor does comfort lack, but it definitely isn’t the traditional feel of shorter running shorts I’ve come to appreciate. The shorts also don’t offer any pockets for gels, keys, or cell phone.
To conclude, while functional and comfortable, there isn’t much to the shorts. As a functional short, they would work better for light hiking or climbing rather than running.

TAUR Rating

2.5 out of 5


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La Sportiva Snap Shorts 


I love La Sportiva, their running gear never disappointments, running with the new Snap Shorts (size small) were just perfect fit for me. A build inner brief, which it felt somewhat awkward but it never brought any discomfort while running or hiking. The elastic waistband has two storage that are built in to the waistband (no zip pockets in the front) perfect storage for gels or quick snacks for those mid length runs, it does have one zip pocket in the back which I used to carry my car key. It has an elastic cord/tie that it can be adjusted to secure the shorts as you run. I had several opportunities to wear my shorts for long hikes and runs, their comfort was to be expected coming from La Sportiva. The fabric feels smooth to the touch and shorts are very light and breathable for those hot midday runs. The fabric also dries fairly quickly and it does not hold the water/sweat for long. The shorts are not skin tight fit but not loose either, they provide a great comfort during a run and I never a problem with chaffing, A plus!! I do love the color pattern picked for this particular model and I got so many compliments on how cute this shorts are and I have agree, La Sportiva did  an awesome job. This short has become my new favorite for now on.

TAUR Rating

5 out of 5

La Sportiva Speed T-shirt 


Speed T-shirt is so light and breathable that I almost forget that I am wearing one. I love taking this shirt on hot/breezy days (which it has been in California lately). The moment I saw this shirt, I knew it was going to be functional not just for running but I brought it along for mountain biking and road cycling which it worked wonders. I used this shirt for long hikes and runs and it worked as based layers for those early morning runs. The front half zipper was easy to adjust when temperatures rise or dropped. No issues with chaffing, great comfortable running shirt for long runs, not a problem retaining bad odor after long sweaty runs. Dries in a flash, the color pattern was absolutely cute! I loved it and the best part I got to use it not just for running but cycling as well.

TAUR Rating

5 out of 5

La Sportiva Ultra Arm Warmer Women’s


I’ve always loved arm warmers, totally a fashion accessory for the running gear. I found these arm warmers totally awesome!! It matched with my Speed T-shirt (aqua pattern) and my snap shorts. The best thing about them are that very light, they provide just enough warmth for those chilly morning run/hikes or even rides. No need to take them off just rolled them down and they can be used to wipe the sweat of your face. I loved the details given to the arm warmers. Totally awesome to have and flap opening for your GPS watch (mine was Fenix 2) it worked great. Another great feature, the thumbhole and the best part, hand cover (no need to bring gloves) the arm warmers got you cover. They thought of everything!

TAUR Rating

5 out of 5


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La Sportiva Sprint Tank


The La Sportiva Sprint Tank is a great way to liven up your spring an summer racing wardrobe. The material is light and effective at wicking sweat. The fit around the shoulders is secure like a traditional racing singlet with elastic around the seams to allow for stretch. The vibrant colors and branding on both the front and back really make this tank stand out from other similar tanks of its kind. Where this tank could be improved is the fit around the bottom edge. Without a lot of give, this tank may be a difficult fit for women with curvier figures. Overall the Sprint Tank performs very well as a racing tank for hot weather.

TAUR Rating

4 out of 5

The Snap Short is one of La Sportiva’s most promising pieces in the spring/summer lineup for 2016. The shorts sport a 2-in-1 approach with a tight boyshort-style liner as opposed to the traditional brief liner, and several waistband pockets of different sizes. The liner wicks sweat quickly leaving the outer layer preserved from getting soaked in sweat on hot weather days. The pockets around the waistband are easy to use and can carry a variety of small items without creating bounce in the waistband. One of the more innovative aspects of the shorts is that the drawstring cord is on the outside of the waistband, which makes the fit of the waistband much more comfortable for longer runs. The colors are vibrant and really stand out on the trails. One note to be aware of is that the shorts tend to fit shorter than they appear to before putting them on. The Snap Short is overall a great summer racing short.

TAUR Rating

3.7 out of 5

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