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Mount Cheaha 50k Trail Ultra Marathon

February 12, 2012 Comments (0) Race Reports

Delirium 24 Hour Ultra Marathon 2012

  • Overall Event: 4.25
  • Organization:  4.25
  • Aid Stations: 4.25
  • Scenic Beauty: 3.5
  • Overall Difficulty: 1.0
  • Steepness: 0.0
  • Technicality: 0.0



The Delirium 24 Hour Ultra Event is brand new.  It’s put on by LowCountry Ultra’s and held in Bluffton SC outside of Hilton Head.

The format was a 6, 12 or 24 hour distance recorded race.  It featured a 1.7 mile loop with 1.3 miles on a wood chip trail and .4 miles on paved asphalt.  The only degree of difficulty, besides trying to run 24 hours,  came in the form of a nasty 30 to 40 mph wind that rocked your world for three tenths of a mile every loop.

Night time temps dipped to about 25 degrees but the proper clothing handled that part.  Sans any mountain or technical work the mostly flat trail course provided some great base training and racing.  If you were training you got some cold temps, wind and about 12 hours of darkness to work through.  On the racing side, you had a flat fast course with no congestion.

Tim Waz, Race Director, was extremely accommodating; I know many runners who contacted him directly before the race and were all well taken care of.

Tim has a very dedicated group helping him. The aid station provided very well.

In the 6 hour event Chris Ramsey was first male with 45.9 miles and Taryn Thomas was first female running 40.8 miies

Tatyana Spencer was first overall in the 12 hour event running 64.6 miles while first time ultra runner Greg John gathered up 59.5 miles.

2 people hit the 100 mile mark in the 24 hour race.  Garth Peterson bagged 117.3 miles and Brian Dunham 100.3 miles.  Experienced ultra marathoner, Tammy Massie, was the number one female with 61.2 miles.

Least I not forget. Best swag ever! Compression socks, warm hat, kickass hoodie and a nice glass. Great logo too.

Good job Tim and Crew.

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