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March 28, 2012 Comments (1) Nutrition, Training

EnduranceJer’s Recovery Smoothie

-Soy Milk (1/2 or 1 cup approx) (or almond, rice milk, etc..)
Vega protein (optional)
-3-4 fresh strawberries (tops removed)
-10-15 fresh blueberries
-3-4 frozen cherries
-Frozen mix berries
-1/2 banana or whole
-Tbl spn Udo’s Oil
-Tbl spn Chia Seeds

Yeah yeah…I can hear you. “What’s Udo’s Oil?” What’s a chia seed? It’s good stuff!
Udo’s Oil provides the “good fats” you need. This product has a nutty flavor and you will not taste it in the smoothie. By taking advantage of the 30 minute window immediately after your run, your body will absorb high-quality nutrients like these and rapidly begin the repair of the microscopic tears in your muscles. Over time, you develop scar tissue, stronger muscles, and the strength you need to run up and over mountains!

Chia Seeds are totally fun. You can blend them into your smoothie, or to create what we call “gelatinous goo”, you leave some chia seeds in a cup of water over night It turns into a gelatin type of goo…then you can put that in the smoothie! Or drink it or whatever….this isn’t new. The Aztecs and Mayans were eating chia long before Whole Foods started carrying it.

One Response to EnduranceJer’s Recovery Smoothie

  1. ynieto says:

    I will try it for sure. We have most of the ingredients besides de udo’s oil and chia seeds.

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