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October 4, 2013 Comments (2) Gear Reviews

Injinji Trail 2.0 Sock Review

When we conducted our Great Sock Debate this spring, several people asked about Injinji socks being represented. This Summer and into early Fall we put their Trial 2.0 sock to the test, having several of our testers, both men and women across the country use it in all conditions and locations. Testers were specifically selected as having never tried the brand before. The results for each tester were nearly as unique as the socks themselves!

The Injinji Trail 2.0 is a mid-weight mini-crew socks with their signature segmented toe sections. They use CoolMAX fabric with extra padding under foot and a looser mesh on top for breathability. In an upgrade from the 1.0 the 2.0 offers a more anatomical fit and a different weave around the midfoot to help it hold laterally better.

Injinji is making a big impact in the trail and ultra running world. They sponsor some of the top names in the industry, namely; Timothy

Injini Socks paired with the Patagonia EVERlong

Injini Socks paired with the Patagonia EVERlong

Olsen, Dave Mackey, Amy Sproston, and Adam Campbell (among others). Their popularity is growing and if you were to pay close attention to people’s feet you would notice more and more being worn in races.

All categories below were rated from 1 – 5, with 5 being the best possible score. Ultimately, our testers were split on how much they liked the socks, so we leave it up to you to determine if they are right for you or not.

[learn_more caption=”Transition into Injinji – 3.2″] We first asked our testers to rate how it was to transition from regular socks into toe socks. The results were surprising in that our testers were very much on opposite ends of the spectrum; either they transitioned without issue or they were never able to feel comfortable in the socks.


Pete – “The first time I put the sock on my toes slipped snuggly into each respective toe spot. After many washes, it almost felt like the sirens of the empty toes called my piggly wigglies.”

Craig – “It was weird to get used to, but once I was into my run a couple of miles I didn’t notice it any more and it wasn’t a problem after that.”

Matt – “These felt really different when I first put them on. I really didn’t like how they felt at first. Once I started running though, I didn’t notice my socks at all (which is a good thing!). 


T.R. – “I did not like these socks. The smaller the toe-the worse the fit. I was trying to find the “magic fit” and I never could. It always felt like my sock was crooked or too big since there was excess material around my smaller toes.” [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Durabililty – 3.8″]

One of the biggest complaints regarding Injinji going into this test was that they lacked in durability. We had been assured that the 2.0 would stand the test.


Jennilyn – “No wear on back of heel, the first place for me that shows wear.”

Pete – “Very durable. Used for running, hiking and casual. Felt soft in the beginning and to date.”


T.R. – “It was odd – I wore these around the house to get used to them and they were awkward but soft. When laced up the material under the ball of my foot was not enjoying the socks. It’s as if they are almost too soft.”


[learn_more caption=”Ability to keep out dirt – 3.3″] This was a comparative analysis between a traditional style of sock and Injinji toe socks.


Craig – “Well, no sock is perfect, but this is better than anything else I’ve worn.”

Pete – “I expected the individual toes to get dirty. No toe junk!”

Cons: None[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Overall Comfort while wearing the sock – 3.2″] This topic included all aspects of comfort; padding, toe separation, breathability, and overall fit.


Craig – “They aren’t as thick as some socks, but I find them to be very comfortable.”

Jennilyn – “Love the comfort level, wish they were a little more “padded”.


Missy – “I just don’t like the feel of my toes being separated. I like the rest of the sock, though.“[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Overall Rating and Comments: 3.4″]


Craig – “My first time ever wearing these socks during a race was the last 50 miles of the Bryce 100. I incurred a couple of toe blisters in the first half and needed the sock protection between my toes. I was uncertain about how they would perform, but in the end was blown away by how comfortable my feet were those last 50 miles. Since then I’ve done every long run and my last 100 miler of the season, the Wasatch 100, in them. Every ultra in my future will include Injinji.”

Matt – “I’ll be honest, when I first put these socks on, I was not a fan. It felt weird to have something between my toes as I walked around. However, once I started running and spent some time in the socks, that feeling went away and now they are one of my go-to socks. 


Missy – “I just don’t like the feel of my toes being separated. I like the rest of the sock, though.”[/learn_more]

Overall 3.4

As you can see these socks are as unique as each testers who wore them. Our greatest recommendation is to try them out – and give yourself a little time for the transition.

Want some now? Get them here. 

Share your opinions and experiences with Injinji in our Comments section.

2 Responses to Injinji Trail 2.0 Sock Review

  1. Ryan says:

    Wore them at Bear 100 this year. My friend wears them and I decided to give them a shot. I loved them and never changed shoes or socks all day. I was concerned at first that the extra fabric bewtween the toes would be bulky and since I have a wide forefoot, cause issues. Neither happened. Try them a few times because they feel a bit strange at first. Happy Trails.

  2. Sarah C. says:

    I recently bought a pair of these and have actually decided that I love them. No dirt between my toes (the number one reason I tried them, since I was tired of coming back from a run and finding sand between all my toes), no blisters (so far, even though there’s just a bit of extra material at the end of my littler toes), and I’m enjoying the feeling of having my toes spread out — I had been finding that I was clenching my toes together in regular socks, but these keep my foot spread out and more stable (which has got to be good for my Morton’s neuroma, too).

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