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April 13, 2012 Comments (4) Gear Reviews

La Sportiva Electron – Initial Report

La Sportiva Electron Trail Shoes

A few weeks ago I started the search for new trail shoes. My Mizunos are comfortable for shorter distances (less than 13 miles) but when I push longer I get blisters due to the narrow toe-box, fluid-retention and inevitable swelling in my feet. I wore them in my first Ultra back in October (Slickrock 50k in Moab) and knew they would not be my choice for the next long trail race.

I’m running the Desert R.A.T.S. 25-mile race in Fruita, Colorado on April 21 and wanted a shoe that was comfortable enough for distance running without squeezing anything as fluid starts to build in my lower legs and feet. The race is on moderate terrain, almost 100% runnable; half on dirt road and half on technical trails. I decided that I needed something sturdier than a road shoe that has the built-in stability and function of a trail running shoe.

After testing several running shoes from the Boulder Running Company I’ve settled on the La Sportiva Electron.

Stability: The La Sportiva Electron has moderate stability, something this pronating trail running girl desperately needs.

Grip: The sole is grippy and the rubber extends over the toe to provide some sweet protection for rock-kicking.

Stitching: I like how there’s no stitching on the side of the shoe to compress the little bunion on my left foot. After a 10-mile run in these beauties my feet were completely fresh; nothing rubbed, no blisters, and my ankles were in good shape due to the support in the arch that kept my feet from rolling inward.

Cushion: I wore SmartWool socks on this run and found there was enough room for the thicker material. There was plenty of cushioning in the sole and the weave of the upper shoe kept little rocks and dirt out.

I’m excited to race next weekend in Fruita with my new trail shoes, and will give a full report about how they held up on the course.

Let us know about your experiences with the Electron in the comments below. We’d love to hear your feedback.

4 Responses to La Sportiva Electron – Initial Report

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  2. […] month ago I reviewed the La Sportiva Electra trail shoes.  At that time I was excited to run Desert RATS in them… but something […]

  3. Amy says:

    So how have the Electrons held up?

    • smzrunner says:

      Amy, I got rid of the Electrons. One foot is *slightly* longer than the other and the toenail of my big toe hit the toe guard of the shoe in the perfectly most uncomfortable place. I was so disappointed; they seemed like a great shoe, just not for MY feet!

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