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March 21, 2016 Comments (0) Uncategorized

Treksta Sync II

Price – $135 (Sync II) $110 (Alter Ego)

Weight – 11.2 oz

Heel to Toe Drop – 6 mm (Sync II) & 10 mm (Alter Ego)


Treksta has been making some pretty cool waves in the hiking boot industry. With the release of the Alter Ego and Sync II they have nicely entered the trail running category. These shoes definitely move Treksta into the competitive market. The Sync II a lower profile shoe with good protection in the upper and a solid outsole, whereas the Alter Ego has more stability and overlays for the upper design and a more cushioned midsole. Cushioning feels pretty standard for the niche each meant to be in and both ride fairly well under foot. What makes Treksta unique is the Anatomical fit that really holds and moves with the foot. Traction on these shoes is pretty good, but we forsee durability problems. In one tester pair the midsole and outsole glue did not last. The Sync II suffered a bit in loose dirt and certainly doesn’t have the protection of other, bulkier shoes. Whereas, the Alter Ego performed better in loose dirt and ran well. For an entry trail shoe from a lesser known company, we would certainly give Treksta a close look.


TAUR Tester Rating based on a 5 Cairn scale

Upper – 4
Outsole  – 4
Traction – 3.5
Stability – 4
Weight – 3
Looks – 3.5
Overall Score – 3.5
  • Treksta Alter Ego
  • Treksta Alter Ego
  • Treksta Alter Ego
  • 1Treksta Alter Ego
  • Treksta Sync II
  • Treksta Sync II
  • Treksta Alter Ego

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