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August 4, 2016 Comments (0) Featured, Gear Reviews

Altra LonePeak Mids 3.0

The Altra Lone Peak Mid is an exciting addition to the Altra shoe lineup. Combine all of the aspects of the Lone Peak 3.0 with a Neoshell Fabric and added support of a ankle stability and you have the Lone Peak Mids 3.0. The LP Mid 3.0 has all the comfort and weight of a trail running shoe with the ankle saver benefits of a hiking boot. The upper is a basically waterproof Neoshell fabric up to the ankle. We can see why a lot of AT, PCT and long distance hikers are making this shoe their boot of choice.

Thanks to the Foot Shaped Toe Box, the hiker has a wide toe box which enables the hiker to have plenty of room to wiggle his/her toes and also help to avoid the buildup of moisture thereby preventing blisters. The Mid has a high- raised ankle lateral support with added padding to help prevent any rocks/debris/roots from getting in and of course providing all around comfort to the ankles. The secure fit around the heel and the arch, give the hiker a more relax fit while walking with the support and stability desired for long hikes.  The midsole cushion delivers comfort through a day of hiking in the wilderness. There are two metal rings to properly secure the boot around the hiker’s ankle.  The LP Mid 3.0 has awesome traction thanks to the new rubber compound, giving hikers the confidence to take them anywhere. The hiker will have the choice to strap a gaiter with gaiter trap on the back on the hiking boot, and metal loop on the base of the laces. The Lone Peak Altra Mids 3.0 is built with Weatherproof/breathable materials which enable the hiker to keep their feet dry and warm on those colder days.

The Altra Lone Peak Mids 3.0 are extraordinarily well built to last on long hikes and endure any condition the weather might bring. Incorporating all aspects of the Altra brand in a hiking boot makes it a solid competitor in the hiking industry, and a great option for those who already love their Altra trail running shoes or want to use this as winter training option to keep your toes warm and dry.

Altra Lone Peak Mids 3.0

Suggested optimal use: Hiking, snowshoeing, Multi-day fast packing

Price $160.00
Weight 11.9 oz


Rated as a Hiking Boot

(1 to 5)1 is horrible, 5 is Amazing 

Upper 5
Midsole 5
Outsole 5
Durability 5
Fit 5
Performance 5, 4.5
Appearance 4.5

Overall: 5

“Overall, I was impressed, would for sure use them in the fall and winter.”

“Recently I spent almost a week in the shoes in Yosemite trail running and hiking… my feet were always comfortable.”

“I like the idea of the metal grommet/loop on the front of the laces for the gaiter, much better than just hooking the gaiter to the shoe lace.”

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