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Ladies Fashion to Function Apparel Review


Brooks – Britta

Brooks has done it. Functional and adorable running clothes that mix and match. Working full time with a 10-month old and training can certainly be a challenge, but attractive pieces like the Brooks’ hoodie make doing it all that much more attainable. The fabric that the long sleeve hoodie is made out of is warm, but airy. Perfect for early morning and breezy spring runs. The hood and scrunchie neck is fashionable for times when I have to pick up groceries on the way home, but also comes in handy running on Gooseberry Mesa in Hurricane, UT.

 The cut and color of the Brooks’ Shorts is lovely. Not too girly, and dark enough to sit in the dirt (if need be).  Add in the airy tank top and it makes for a perfect warm weather outfit for either road or trail running. I work on the University of Utah campus, which is one mile from the trailhead. I always run across the Legacy Bridge to get to the trail and Brooks makes me look like I belong. I don’t feel too sporty on the road or too adorable on the trail.

 Brooks is definitely a brand I will recommend to my running friends. Fashionable running clothes is definitely becoming the norm and I think that Brooks has done a great job not sacrificing functionality!

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Brooks – Heidi

I absolutely love Brooks’ new Streaker line! Comfortable and flexible material, great colors and design, and solid fit. As a female runner, it is hard to find training and casual gear that are not bright pink, which is another perk with this outfit. 

The Brooks SureShot Racer Sports Bra: good and snug, but doesn’t chafe or cause rubbing. One of the greatest thing about this piece is how well it supports you on the run. This is not one of those sports bras that will loosen up after three or four times through the wash. The neckline is a little higher than most other bras, which is not necessarily a good or bad thing. For chestier women, this may be a bonus. 

The Brooks Chaser 3″ Shorts: very very flowy. Good thick waste band with a key pocket at the top seam. I love these shorts, but women you do not feel comfortable in shorter shorts may not like them as much, as the inseam is minimal. The fabric is super quick dry and incredibly light, great for summer running or running in the rain. I think I have worn these shorts just as much hanging around the house or walking to the grocery store as I have for running. The only downside- the key pocket does not zip or seal well – my first several runs I was really worried about my key falling out. 

The Brooks Streaker Hoodie: AMAZING. Stretchy and breathable material, I feel like I’m wearing a soft hug. I love the scrunch hood, and the best part of this piece – the thumb holes. This is a feature that will usually sell me on a product, and the streaker hoodie is not different. Great for layering – either as a top or base layer under a puffy vest or thicker jacket. Versatile for any season. The hoodie runs very tight, so if you are looking for a looser item, order a size up. Great to wear with jeans or jean shorts, or throw on after a run or spin workout, or leaving the pool after a swim. 


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Stonewear – Lisa

Crush Skort and Tempo Bra

I was excited to try on the skort, as I don’t own many and I really like the design and feel of the fabric. I am not big on flashy, crazy prints, and the skort was simple with enough flare to make it fun and stand out. In addition, the fabric was a soft, performance blend. I am 5’-8”, 120lbs, and typically wear an XS short/skirt. When I first tried on the skort, the undershorts felt a little bit baggy. I expected more of a secure fit in the undershorts, or some type of gripper on the leg to keep them in place. The outer skirt, however, was lightweight and fit and looked great!

I love the design of the Tempo Bra! I like a sports bra that looks good, with a cute, strappy back, and provides “extra support” for high impact activities like running. I am a 32C, so cute plus supportive is often hard for me to find. I tested a medium bra, which is typically what I wear.

My first impression was that it felt a little big/unsupportive and I am unsure how the fabric will handle my sweaty runs in the Las Vegas heat. That being said, it looked good and would be perfect for yoga! The skort and sports bra are super comfortable. I can put them on in the morning and look good enough to run errands, grab a coffee with friends, and then hit the trails. Well, I also felt like I should be hitting the tennis court at some point too, but it’s multifunctional regardless.

As much as I wanted to fall in love running in the skort, I didn’t. The one and only downfall, and it’s a big one, is the undershorts. They didn’t stay in place and creeped up on me. I don’t like wearing underwear when I workout, but underwear is a must with this piece. The fabric is wonderful, wicking, and dries quickly, and the cut of the skirt is great. I was able to move my legs freely and I looked good! There is also a functional zipper pocket in the back that held my car key and a gel for longer runs. It ran a touch big, but still felt good.

Running in the Tempo Bra felt good, although I either need a size small for more support or, it just doesn’t provide enough support for running. The Dryflex material doesn’t wick moisture away as I hoped it would. After running in it I am sweaty and stay wet for too long to go on bunch of errands comfortably. Because of this, I preferred to run after I did my errands. The bra is great for a non-heated yoga class or a low impact workout! Like the skort, the bra ran a touch big.

All in all, Stonewear’s Crush Skort and Tempo Bra were comfortable and cute. Neither would be my first choice for a long run, but if I needed to be presentable prior to going on a run, I would definitely reach for the skort! And, because it’s cute and comfortable, the bra will be my new go to for my non-heated yoga classes.

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Stonewear – Renee

I have loved previous Stonewear items and was really excited about the opportunity to test some of the new Spring 2016 items. These were equally soft and well made as my other owned Stonewear items. However, the sizing was very different then what I had previously experienced. Both the pants and the top we’re very big. Stonewear Designs makes really nice products with amazing fabrics. 

The Capri pants are made of amazing material. They are super soft and well constructed. They have a strange waistband, however, that sits really high and is loose. It can be folded down, but that makes the pockets useless and creates bulk around the hips. Despite the oversized waistband, they are very versatile for everyday wear, running, yoga or the gym.

The top is even softer and is a very cute shape and design. It runs big and long, way too long for running in my opinion. It is also very thick, and I think would be too warm for long distances, but OK for shorter jaunts or cooler weather. Overall the softness wins out over fit for me, but I wish it were snugger and about five inches shorter (I’m nearly 5’8″!).

I have loved previous stoneware items. These were equally soft and well made, however the sizing was totally different – so be sure to try them on for size. Both the pants and the top we’re very big. The waistband is very strange on these capris and the top is super oversized. The fabric is phenomenal and I love how soft it is.

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