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Winter Running Outfits You Must Have!!

North Face Winter Running Apparel

January 3, 2017 Comments (0) Gear Reviews

Patagonia Winter Running Apparel

Patagonia Nano-Air Hoodie


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Patagonia Nano-Air Hoodie is a perfect all-year jacket. It is one of the most comfortable jackets I have ever worn. It fits like a very comfortable sweatshirt hoodie. I have worn the jacket in temperatures between 20 and 50 degrees and stayed very comfortable. This jacket would be perfect in the 35-50 degree range with a layer underneath without doing strenuous activity. In 20 degree weather, I was cold while standing around, but while moving, I was perfectly comfortable. The jacket is water and wind resistant. It will not stand through heavy rain or gusty winds. However, it will make a perfect mid layer with a waterproof shell in tough conditions. Its hood stays on your head perfectly, and the zipper comes above the chin keeping you very insulated and warm. This jacket looks great for wear around town, or while moving in the mountains.

TAUR Rating: 4.5

Patagonia Speed Waffle Crew


“Patagonia Speed Waffle Crew is a perfect companion for when the temperatures dip. Comfortable enough to wear as either a base or mid layer, this shirt will keep you warm. The shirt has elastic on both hand openings, as well as the bottom hem, in order to keep shirt perfectly in place while moving. I have worn this shirt for anything from light activities to work. It is stylish and functional. This shirt has quickly become one of my favorite layers. It is durable and it will stay with me where ever I go.” – Emir

“The Patagonia Speed Waffle  has become one of my favorite pieces of cold weather all around gear.
It is perfect for cool days over a t-shirt, or as an added layer for going out in the cold. It looks great on it’s own, and the splash of color around the wrists and waist keeps it from looking too drab, but the accents are more than just for looks, as they stretch to help keep the cold out. The shirt breathes well and stretches in all directions for excellent comfort.
It performs just as good as it looks, whether it’s a day on the trail or a on a night out on the town.
If you’re looking for a good bang for your buck in an all around piece of gear, the Patagonia speed waffle is a great choice.” – Matt

 TAUR Rating: 5

Patagonia Borderless Tights


  • Patagonia Tights
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  • Patagonia Tights

Patagonia Borderless Tights are for those that are comfortable rocking running tights on the trail. Pants fit on almost perfectly. The material is very soft and stretchy. While it seems thin, it is actually very warm. The pants sit high on your waist and do not slide down at all while running. They have a drawstring as well for additional security. Back zipper pocket is perfect to keep your phone or keys secure. 2 stretchy side pockets work great for nutrition or to keep your gloves/hat or other items. They are not zippered so I would be hesitant to put anything of value there. The pants do lack zippers on the bottom of legs, which makes them hard to put on if you are wearing shoes. Not a deal breaker, but something that would be nice to have. These pants would also work great as an under layer on very cold outings, or under shell pants. Pants are not windproof and while warm you will feel the wind on your skin on those blustery days. Overall, very well made pants, and definitely an item that will get a lot of use as the temperatures keep getting colder.

When the mercury drops below the freezing line you will be glad that you have these to grab. You’ll look great while staying warm. No need to stay on the treadmill when these are in your dresser drawer.

TAUR Rating: 4


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