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January 3, 2017 Comments (0) Gear Reviews

North Face Winter Running Apparel

Women’s Isotherm Jacket



This North Face Isotherm Jacket is the perfect running jacket for all seasons. With the weather- resistance protection it helps ensure you’re feeling warm and cozy inside despite the elements.  The collar comes up high enough to ward off a blistering wind, while the small slit in the back allows for full unrestricted movement.  

It’s not too heavy so you can layer and choose just how warm you want to be once you really get going. The color and style is perfectly fashionable. A jacket whose style can last for many seasons due to its’ simplicity. The side pockets are handy for keeping your hands warm while out running errands or grabbing a coffee after that long chilly run.

TAUR Rating: 4.5


Women’s Motus Tight II


The North Face Women’s Motus Tight II is one of the best fitting and well constructed running tights out there.  They have an excellent fit without loosening through the run. The Motus Tight stays right where they should. The wide waist band with the zipper pocket in the rear is comfortable enough to wear as is, or fold over if you chose, it will not unfold as you run.  The added benefit to these tights is the reflectivity for safety if you head out in the dark or early morning.

These are amazing running tights!  Hard to find a pair that fits so well. They are comfortable, perfectly snug and won’t ride up or down during your runs.  The Motus Tight is perfect for runs of any length or effort. You definitely need at least one pair to add to your cold weather gear.

The one downside of these tights is they’re not very thick. Excellent for cold weather running, but below 20 degrees, you’ll be adding some layers.

TAUR Rating: 4.5


Women’s Rapida Moda Jacket




The North Face Rapida Moda Jacket is as versatile a jacket as they come.  The weather resistant, highly reflective pattern makes it a great jacket to wear whenever, wherever.  It’s water repellant with ventilation built-in throughout.  This jacket is great for going on a run, running errands, or grabbing coffee with friends.  Super stylish, it’s hard to imagine it’s really a jacket made for running.  This should be a staple in every runners’ closet.

TAUR Rating: 4.5


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