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May 4, 2012 Comments (4) Gear Reviews

The Best Sports Bra – Gear Review

When I started running I realized how important it was for me to have a good shoes then immediately afterward I realized I needed a good sports bra just as much.  My journey began on the internet and soon moved to the fitting room… testing tons of bras by jumping, jogging and moving in the 3′ X 3′ space.  All of these fitting room gymnastics led me to  Women’s Moving Comfort brand.  I started with the Fiona but have since moved to the Juno because of it’s razor back.

You can find this brand at running stores but usually they’re inside drawers, not hanging on the walls.  It seems like the bras are somewhat hidden, but for no reason.   This brand usually doesn’t go on sale, so if you like a specific one go for it.  There are many models to choose from but stores don’t carry all of them.  Online shopping is always an option for finding exactly the model you want.

Here’s why I like the brand:

  • No compression.  The shape fits your body and keeps everything in place without compression. Other sports bras that just compress are uncomfortable and do not allow me to breath well.
  • Breathable.   The mesh material in different areas of the bra allows for cooler comfort.
  • Adjustable straps and back hooks.  You have the option to readjust; I like that.
  • Wide range of sizes.  Having many sizes allows a better fit.  I recommend trying many different sizes;  the best fit for me wasn’t my normal size.
  • Several colors. Who doesn’t like having just the right color?
  • Durable. After years of use and washings they haven’t shrank nor stretched.
  • No Chafing.  I haven’t chaffed with these.
  • Good design.  The Fiona and Juno do not have underwires but the cut still molds to the body very well and gives plenty of support.  As well, the back hooks make them easier to put on.

Today I discovered a third model the Rebound Racer and I will definitely give it a try.


Still like it.

Moving Comfort Sports Braw Fiona


My current favorite.  Love the razor back

Moving Comfort Sports Braw Juno


I think that they improved upon the Juno with this new bra. Definitely need to try it.

Moving Comfort Sports Braw Rebound Racer

Which brand of bras is your favorite?

4 Responses to The Best Sports Bra – Gear Review

  1. EnduranceJer says:

    My favorite? I am undecided. Why are there no sports bra models in this post? Thank you.

  2. Aleta says:

    I have Fiona and am pretty happy with that model. I have found a few cheaper sports bras from Target that work with my large ladies.

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