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Adidas Raven Boost

Adidas Raven Boost

Price – $150

Weight – 11.9 oz

Heel to Toe Drop – 10 mm


Adidas has put out a shoe that the lover of buffed out singletrack will love. The Raven Boost is a lightweight, responsive shoe with a quick turn over. The upper is constructed of lightweight, breathable mesh that forms well to the foot, but we found the laces to be a bit hard to adjust, and the hard plastic grommets were a bit uncomfortable on the bridge of the foot. The Continental sole is grippy and handled fairly well on mildly technical terrain, but really shined on the road, double track and buttery single track. The midsole provided good cushion without feeling too soft, but after about 150 miles or so, we noticed that it started to break down. This may not be a shoe that lasts as long as some, but if you want a fun, good looking, fast shoe, the Adidas Raven Boost delivers with two thumbs up.


TAUR Tester Rating based on a 5 Cairn scale

Upper — 3.4
Midsole — 3.6
Outsole — 3.5
Appearance — 3.5
Performance — 4.3
Fit — 4
Durability – 3
Overall — 3.6
TAUR Tester Quotes

“Even with a stack of 10 mm (34 heel to 24 toe) it had the feeling of a low profile/close to the ground shoe. Very comfortable and supportive after more than 6 hours on slush, ice and technical trails.”

“Material on the back outsole seems as if it is breaking down faster than what seems reasonable for a running shoe. After 200 miles, I can feel that it is not as good as it was when the shoes were new. The life-span of the shoes may be shorter than other brands. Again, they are minimal, lightweight and made for speed.”

“Great traction in mud, rugged/rocky terrain wind blown snow and re-frozen slushy crud.”

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  • Adidas Raven Boost
  • Adidas Raven Boost
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  • Adidas Raven Boost
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  • IMG_6504
  • Adidas Raven Boost


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