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Brooks Cascadia 11

Price – $120

Weight – 11.8 oz

Heel to Toe Drop – 10 mm

The Brooks Cascadia is the foundation of trail shoes and has a legacy in the ultra running community. For nearly a decade it has stood out as the number one trail shoe on the market. Beefy, durable, and cushioned, the Cascadia 11 continues to carry on the legacy of it’s origins. The Cascadia is comfortable on the trail and amazing over sharp rocks, this shoe offers durability and protection where other brands or models will fail over time. The drawback in the shoe, however, is in the forefoot. Narrow doesn’t begin to describe the toe box. If you have an abnormally narrow forefoot, then you will LOVE this shoe. A more appropriate description would include “restrictive” and “blister maker”. Unlike the Cascadia of years ago, there is no way this shoe could go the 100 mile distance without causing significant problems for the wearer (unless  they had unnaturally narrow feet in the forefoot). Even the 50k distance would be pushing comfort. If you’re looking for a short distance trainer, this might be the shoe for you. However, if you plan to put in many hours at a time, you may find it doesn’t offer the room you need to keep your feet healthy. All of the amazing improvements are compromised by the narrower forefoot.

TAUR Tester Rating based on a 5 Cairn scale

Upper — 4.2
Midsole — 4
Outsole — 5
Appearance — 4
Performance — 4
Fit — 4
Durability – 5
Overall — 4.3

TAUR Tester Quotes

“The cushion this shoe offers is truly a perfect amount for trail runners who want to go the distance.”

“No visible signs of wear and tear after training in these shoes for 4 months. Previous issues with this shoe involved toes poking through and lugs being severed off, but no sign of these issues currently.”

“This shoe is made for burly trail runners.”

  • Brooks Cascadia 11
  • Brooks Cascadia 11
  • Brooks Cascadia 11
  • Brooks Cascadia 11
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  • Brooks Cascadia 11
  • Brooks Cascadia 11

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