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May 28, 2012 Comments (3) Musings

Tutu Cute for You

Runner in Tutu

Let me just say I’ve never been a running skirt type of person. They just don’t make much sense to me – so much extra fabric, so little range of movement – and a tutu? Well, that’s utter nonsense.

Never mind that picture up there.

Yes, that’s me, and you might even notice the brightly colored tinsel headband I’m wearing.  I have never even had a tutu on before, much less ran in one! But that’s what our local contingent wore to our state running clinic 5k finale, so I was a good sport and put one on.

And what’s more, I liked it.

Yes, liked. it.

It was a lot of fun!  Partially due to all the compliments (I’ll take a genuine “you look so cuuuute!” anytime), partially to the camaraderie of our group, and partially because it inspired so many women. That last one really caught me by surprise. Our local clinic was a pretty goal-oriented type A group and while we had fun, it wasn’t necessarily of the silly variety.

Crazy Ladies in Tutus

Although you can't tell by looking at us now...

We might have missed out though, because when we got to the state run, it was high times and full-on silliness! And wearing such a costume helped make running a 5k legitimate fun for these women.  I know I helped, in a small way, to literally change peoples’ lives.

So would I wear it again? Definitely! I can see some fun runs and 5ks where a little silliness wouldn’t hurt. A running skirt, on the other hand…well, do you wear one?

3 Responses to Tutu Cute for You

  1. Kymberly says:

    When I first started running, I was the shorts type. I felt weird in skirts. I have since decided that, although I’m running, it’s OK to look girly while doing it. I despise dresses and skirts as regular wear but for running, I LOVE them. I even did my first marathon in one!

    • Quinnar says:

      That’s kind of interesting – I’ll wear skirts and dresses in “real life” but don’t care to while running. Why did you make the switch?

  2. Jenny says:

    I love running in tutus and flowy skirts. I like the ones from because they are really light weight, don’t get in the way and of course make you sparkle. I’ve done mud runs, trail races(in a skirt not a tutu, the tutus get hung in trees!) and will be doing my first half in November wearing one. The skirts make the day a little more fun, and an easy way for your spectator friends and family to point you out. As you said it also brings on a higher sense of comraderie than wearing regular running clothes. Anyways I figure, if I’m paying to be there and working my butt off I should look cute doing it!

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