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February 15, 2012 Comments (0) Trails

Davidson-Arabia Nature Preserve Trails

  • Scenic Beauty: 3.75
  • Difficulty: 2.0
  • Steepness: 2.0
  • Technicality: 2.0
  • Dog Friendly: Yes
  • Water: Yes
  • Location:  3787 Klondike Road, Lithonia GA 30038



O n the east side of Atlanta,  just off I 20, are the Davidson-Arabia Nature Preserve Trails.  Easy access off the interstate and has ample parking.

Trail maps are provided but distances are not marked, the lines do not actually follow the contour of the trail and scale seems wrong.  That said, the trails themselves are worth it.  The routes run along and across a giant monolith of granite, once the site of a quarry.  Evidence of the quarry is visible once you are on top of the exposed rock.

Meandering through the area, intersecting the hiking and running trails, is a concrete bike bath.  You use the bike path as a connector to other hiking / running loops.  Trails C and B are run along dirt paths, covered in leaves and there are some exposed roots and rocks.

Overall, it wasn’t technical but like most trails, you’ve gotta pay attention.  It’s hard to lose the trail because the trees are blazed about every 50 yards.  The hardest part is trying to determine where you are relative to the map.

Definitely a great find for a little hill work, nice scenery and exercise break if you’re trapped on I20.




Scenic Beauty:  3.75

Difficulty:  2

Dog Friendly:  Yes – lease required

Water: Yes



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