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Hoka Challenger ATR 3 shoe review

Hoka Challenger ATR 3

Price – $130.00


The Hoka Challenger ATR 3 is a neutral trail running shoe designed for road and trails. The shoe is very lightweight, providing excellent cushion, while at the same time offering stability and performance on the trail. The shoe is designed to be the Hoka trail version of the Clifton, which is a very popular road shoe.

Some updates to the Challenger ATR 3 from previous models are a wider platform and forefoot. This is one of the widest toes boxes for Hoka, which makes the shoe an excellent choice for longer ultra runs. The shoe also drains a little better than previous Challenger models, but our testers did find that they were not quite as breathable as previous models.

“The Challenger is one of the most versatile shoes that I have tested. It is an excellent shoe for both road and trail running and I found it to perform very well no matter what the terrain. I was extremely impressed with how comfortable the shoes were and even more impressed with how stable they felt in technical to rain.”

Considering how light the shoe is, it is incredibly tough, with a re-enforced upper and seams. It is also very stable and performs quite well in rocky terrain.

What sets this shoe apart from most trail shoes is that it performs reasonably well on the trail, but is also an excellent road shoe is well, making it a great choice for races or runs where there is a mixture of road and trail.

“First time I wore these I headed out for an easy 8 miler in the snow/sleet. My feet were SO happy that I decided to stay out in the cold longer and ended up with a GREAT 12 mile run! They were perfect in the elements- I never slipped, and my feet were the perfect temperature despite the wetness of the road.”

The only glaring weakness our testers could find with the shoe is that it doesn’t perform as well in extremely technical terrain, but that is not necessarily what the shoe is made for.

The Hoka Challenger ATR 3 is an excellent choice for runners that want a max cushioned shoe that performs on both the road and the trail. Hoka has really come a long way in delivering a max cushion product that will perform on the trails.

“I was very impressed with this shoe and have added it to my rotation. I love it for road running, as well as on the trails. It is an excellent shoe for any run with a mix of road and trail.”


Offset 5mm

Forefoot 24 mm

Heel 29 mm

Stack height 31 mm

-Speedframe Construction for midfoot capture and support

-3D Puff Print Frame for additional lightweight, detailed support

-Early Stage Meta-Rocker

-Oversized EVA midsole provides lightweight cushioning

-4mm lugs for all-terrain traction

-Podular outsole design, for stability on uneven terrain


Price – $130.00

Drop – 5mm

Weight – 269g


Upper 3.5
Midsole 4
Outsole 3.75
Durability 4
Fit 3.5
Performance 3.5
Appearance 3.5



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