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August 9, 2015 Comments (7) Featured, Gear Reviews

Hydration Wrap up – Part 1 – 100 Mile Hydration

Over the past 3 months our team has reviewed a great deal of hydration options on the market. We have tried, perhaps not hard enough, to present to you the best options for various run categories (100, 50, 50k, Adventure, Womens and Multipurpose). Our disclaimer is that we all recognize that runners are very dynamic in their needs, the trails they run and the supplies they need, this is meant to highlight packs in what we perceive to be these categories and open discussion on what you, our readers like.


Here are the best packs for 100 milers

Winner of the TAUR Tester Award – Camelbak Ultra 10

  • Camelbak Ultra 10
  • Nathan Zeal/Zelos
  • Nathan VaporCloud
  • Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek Vest
  • Ultimate Direction WASP

Go ahead and post your favorite 100 mile hydration!


7 Responses to Hydration Wrap up – Part 1 – 100 Mile Hydration

  1. Jim Davies says:

    I’m looking at the Camelbak Ultra 10. Almost 100% I’m making the purchase. Wondering about storage for unsupported long runs though. It’s smaller than my Octane 18x but still seems quite large. Can you real pack everything you’d need including layers and rain gear?

    Also in regards to the front bottle, the pocket is a little short. How well does it hold a full size bottle? Especially when running.

  2. Hey Jim, Good questions. The Ultra 10 has a lot to offer. Honestly, I think the best answer really depends on the type of gear, terrain and your preferences of required gear.

    One idea would be, before your purchase, is to take your normal gear for this type of run along with you to the store and try it out. It should all fit, but better to be confident on your purchase. Any good running store would be happy to help you. Unless you got some nasty gear.

    In regards to the bottles, I agree. The front pockets are not really intended for hard bottles. That being said they are certainly fine for soft flasks.

    If the Ultra 10 is to small for you, then wait for the Adventure pack review. There might be options for you there also.

    We were really impressed with the Ultra 10.

    • Jim Davies says:

      Thanks. I got to try one on at a race expo but I didn’t even think to ask if I could try stuffing it. lol The fit was great though. I even had my Camelbak Octane with me at the time with all my usual stuff in it. Missed opportunity. I’ve found the Ultra 10 near impossible to find in my area on the shelf though. I’ve decided to order online and give it a shot though. Now we need a followup to these articles with a trail pack accessory wrap up on compatible bottles and soft flasks. 🙂

  3. Andrieux says:

    You want an advice for the Best hydration pack ? Take an Oxsitis. They have many option for each distance. They very ergonomic, light and stable…

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