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2013 Boston Marathon

April 17, 2013 Comments (2) Musings

It’s Bacon! Run For Your Life!

As I looked at my 24 mile Saturday run followed up by a 14 mile Sunday run it finally sunk in a little…I’m not normal.  Even after running five 50-milers and two hundies in less than a year I never realized how far I had gone down the rabbit hole.  Sure, there’s shirtless Jesus and headband honcho runners that log more miles than me and I take my Headsweats hat off to them. But…it’s me…and I never thought I would do anything like this.

And now that I have…I expect others to get off their asses and do something too!  Each new day brings more and more animosity to the video game couch anchors and the fast food fatties.  Yes, you all are in the same sinking boat to me.  Look, I am not expecting you to go out tomorrow and run a marathon but I do think you could run/walk a mile or two and then two days later, repeat.


But no…

Hey, did you hear about the new Bacon sandwich, bacon soap, bacon air freshener or bacon on bacon crime? Really?  Because that’s all TV seems to want to cram down your bacon-coated gullet.  Food, food, food and more food!  That’s what America wants right?  Fat food, magical dust to sprinkle on food to lose weight and erection pills to keep the party going…that’s who we are?  Really?

But no…

That’s not who WE are.  If you’re reading this you are the 1%…a weirdo and a freak.  You run, dream about running and then count the hours until you can lace up and run again.  A fluid filled blister is a trophy and what you did behind that bush in the middle of the day is a right of passage.  Clang the bell and light a candle on the alter of Ultra Running.  We are the middle finger to the drive thru crowd and we know it!

But no…

We should be respectful to those that haven’t figured it out yet.  They have a steering wheel jammed in their gut and menu-stained fingers that smell of a blooming onion.  Shit, Oprah ran a marathon!  I can too…once I finish this cheese-puke-double-dead-animal sandwich.  At least that’s what I learned from that glowing box that lights up the side of my KFC bucket at 8pm.

But no…

The reality is this: RUN! Run for your life, run for your kids and run for yourself.  Don’t fall for the trappings of life on this planet.  Because if you really get into the nuts and bolts of society you will find most of us aren’t that smart and advertisers know it.  If the talking head says it – it must be true.  If you read it on Facebook – it must be gospel and if that model who’s been photoshopped to a pixie can eat a fat-burger well so can I!

But no…

Here it is.  Put on your shoes.  Walk, jog or run.  I don’t care, but YOU should care.  It’s simple…if food comes in a bag…throw it out.  If friends want you to eat crap…well throw them out.  It’s you, the dirt and an idea.  Anything that gets in the way is a detractor.  There should be no guilt in running.  It’s your moment to be you.  You’ve earned that moment so don’t let fads and outdated thinking ruin your progress.  You don’t need to wear huaraches or have a satellite strapped to your wrist to run.

Just run.  It’s in our human nature.  You don’t have to run down a deer to eat it…just run around the block.  And then you know what?  You are a runner.  Our club is not that exclusive.  We don’t charge you a monthly fee or ask you to eat five easily prepared meals.  We just expect you to run, smile and repeat.


2 Responses to It’s Bacon! Run For Your Life!

  1. mkreuzer says:

    Awesome Nail ! Simply Awesome! Change your habits and change your life.

  2. Dylan Russell says:

    Well said. I started running for the first time on March 20, 2011 and haven’t missed a day since. 4 marathons, a 50K, a few halfies and 10ks, and a bunch of 5ks. I love the competition, being outside, having lost 30 pounds, having normal BP and HR without medication. And it’s one of the few things I do at age 39 that still makes me feel like a kid. Woo hoo!

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