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May 6, 2016 Comments (1) Uncategorized

Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek Ultra Vest 3.0

The Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek Ultra Vest is the third iteration in the Scott Jurek Signature Series. This new design deviates significantly from the last two, with much more focus on performance. To no one’s surprise, Scott Jurek fine tuned this beauty while setting the FKT on the Appalachian Trail.

This redesigned pack has an extra long back storage area, zippered lumbar pocket, and many front pockets. Two of the front pockets have space for water bottles or soft flasks, one zippered pocket and two smaller stash pockets. It also has detachable front strap anchors, or T Straps, so you can reposition the straps up or down based on preference. Additionally there are side adjustment straps. The material is a combination of extremely lightweight breathable materials, which maintain a very light feel. It also offers a full length compression pocket in the back with straps to tighten it up or carry extra clothing. The vest will support a 2L reservoir. Like a couple of other vests in the series, this one does accommodate pole storage on the front of the vest, not the back. Testers found it to be extremely functional, and very comfortable.

In general, the UD SJ vest exceeded our expectations 90% of the time. One area of disappointment was in using the bladder strap at the top of the pack. This created a situation where a longer bladder suspended above the bottom of the pack. In one situation, the bladder dislodged from the strap and created a very sloppy mess. Having the bladder just sit in the bottom of the pack was uncomfortable. In all, the NEW UD Scott Jurek Ultra Vest 3.0 is very well designed, has great storage and is very light weight and breathable.

  • Contemplating the Ultimate Direction SJ
  • Front of the UD SJ
  • UD SJ back
  • Ultimate Direction is sexy
  • Ultimate Direction SJ
  • Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek
  • UD Scott Jurek 3.0


Suggested optimal use/Distance: Good for any distance and adventure/training runs unsupported up to about 25 miles

Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek Ultra Vest 3.0
Price $124.95
Weight 9.56oz
Capacity 6.25L
Ratings – Out of 5
Fit 4.25
Performance 4
Durability 4.25
Storage 4
Ease of Use 5
Stability 4.5


One Response to Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek Ultra Vest 3.0

  1. Nilo says:

    Curious what your chest and rib cage measurements are. I’m 42/36 and a Medium fits funny. Seems loose with all the adjustments. Although, it seems to fit better when fully packed, which won’t be the case on most runs.

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