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Altra One V3 Review

July 6, 2017 Comments (3) Featured, Gear Reviews

Altra Paradigm 3 review

The Altra Paradigm 3 continues in the line of past models and only gets better with an improved fit. The upper is very comfortable and breathable and it molds to the foot. The lacing remains the same as the previous models. The extra lace hole on the top is great to lock things in for that perfect fit to keep your foot snug and secure. The midsole remains the same as the previous models. For this shoe, Altra decided not to upgrade it to the new Evo foam, however, it cushioning is on point and will make previous Paradigm fans very happy. The outsole follows along the lines of other Altra models – It is a road shoe through and through, but we’ve found it to be a solid option to use on the trails as well. The Paradigm will please the ultra road crowd with its heavy cushioning and very light feel, and this versatile workhorse can be anything from your daily trainers to an ultra race shoe.

FIT: 4

The fit of the Paradigm 3 is comfortable. Most testers really liked the fit and had no complaints about hot spots or fit. They felt that the shoe fit much more true to size and runners should expect a shoe out of the box to perform.


Comfortable and secure fit. The shoe molds to your foot


The Paradigm is built for roads and buffed out trails. The outsole is durable and has shown minimal wear over many miles of testing. The outsole allows flexibility while maintaining a sturdy and durable build. The outsole was one of the strengths of the shoe.


It is very grippy and flexible and performed excellently

UPPER: 4.1

The upper is super soft, flexible, and breathable. Whether it was a warm Vegas road or Utah dirt path our testers loved the breathability of the upper. The upper certainly one of the Paradigm 3’s strengths. It is extremely comfortable and breathable and it performed very well. Great design overall, reflective designs over the plastic overlays, a guide rail providing added overall comfort.


Very nice mesh upper with overlays in all the right places.


If you are looking for a max cushion shoe that feels like a max cushion shoe, then this could be the shoe for you. It feels every bit like a max cushion shoe. Because of the cushion, the shoe loses some stability and doesn’t seem to perform as well as some max cushion shoes. Ultimately, The Paradigm 3 is a max cushioned for the long comfortable days on the road.


Cushion, cushion, cushion equals comfort.


The Paradigm gives the Hoka Clifton’s a good run for the money. Comfortable, responsive, lightweight, well cushioned, breathable, and flexible… what more could you want from a running shoe?  The shape of mid and outsole forces the runner forward in their gait, which is good from a form standpoint, but also has a tendency to slide the foot forward in the shoe.


Performance is as expected for max cushion shoe. It is not a super fast shoe, but it performs great for longer outings.


The shoes seem to be very durable. We did not notice much wear and tear on them at all. The upper is constructed of very sturdy materials and seems to hold together well, even though it is very breathable and comfortable. It is a nice combination.


The Paradigm is very sturdy and can handle tons of miles.


The Paradigm is a more simplistic and conservative appearance Altra shoe. However, for many of the testers they felt that the Paradigm had that unique Altra appearance with the wide toe box. Altra has done a good job with a simple design and cool color combos. Most of our testers trumped the appearance with the functionality of the shoes.


Love the design!


Not surprisingly, the Altra Paradigm 3.0 feels like a slipper at first step. With its extra wide toe box and cushion throughout, the Paradigm is a shoe that can be worn for miles on the road and kept on for hours afterward. There are some minor changes in the looks of this Altra shoe. Mainly, the mesh upper has been revamped and additional rubber has been added to the outsole. Altra has also improved its “bunion window” area, which should make for a more comfortable ride for runners with toe issues (#mostrunners). As far as the inner tech specs of the Paradigm,

As far as the inner tech specs of the Paradigm, it’s designed with Altra’s go-to ZeroDrop technology. This means the forefoot is the same distance from the ground as the heel, which promotes a more natural running form. In addition, the Paradigm has the neutral FootShape Toe Box for a natural step, allowing the toes to be free and happy. Foot Pod technology, another unique feature from Altra, aligns the midsole and outsole patterns to the bones and tendons of the foot, allowing the feet to flex and move in a natural manner. And of course, the women’s shoe offers the Fit4Her shape. This is a great feature because… women’s feet are not shaped liked men, period!


  • Ideal Uses: 5k to Marathon
  • Cushioning: Max
  • Weight: 9.7 oz. / 275g
  • Drop: Zero Drop™
  • Last: SD5-M
  • Midsole: Dual Layer EVA / A-Bound™
  • Outsole: FootPod Outsole
  • Insole:5 mm Sculpted
  • Upper: Quick-Dry Air Mesh

3 Responses to Altra Paradigm 3 review

  1. Ben Margeson says:

    Would you say it is worth buying these or the old Paradigm2.0 at a discount?

  2. Susan McGill says:

    I’m wondering the same thing about the 2.0 compared to the newer 3.0

  3. Sanjay says:

    Can you please tell something about arch support of Paradigm 3. Is the arch prominent or normal or non existent.?

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