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Caballo Blanco – Micah True – Missing Final Update

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March 31, 2012 Comments (2) Breaking News

Caballo Blanco – Micah True – Found Dead

Unfortunately for all of us Micah True was found dead late this afternoon in the Gila National Forest. Out of respect for Micah’s family and loved ones, we will wait to be more forthcoming with information when it is appropriate. We can say he was found without Trauma and was found by a close friend.
Our time with Caballo was special and he will be missed in ways none of us would think possible.

2 Responses to Caballo Blanco – Micah True – Found Dead

  1. Jerry Armstrong says:

    Rest in peace Caballo. We will think about you when we run.

  2. […] Uncategorized | 0 comments ShareTweetThe news that Micah True — the ultrarunner who died recently in New Mexico during what was, for him, an easy 12-mile run — had heart disease has been quite a stunner […]

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