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      •  Overall Design: 4.0
      • Value: 4.5

Unlike saves you from the tangled mess of ads and layers of unneeded complexity.  I don’t pay for membership at either site and because of that, I pay a heavy price at At ads  are everywhere, including over the top of the map. has pushed the ad envelope to the point where you either relent and buy a membership or leave… I left.

In place of that service I found  With only 1 left side ad on the main page and no ads on my routes page it’s simple, easy and I much prefer it over anything else.  And while I’ve only mentioned annoying ads, or lack of, there are many things I love about the website.

Besides having a clean web interface they also have an iPhone app.  This app is simple to use and has an interface to your music.  Usually, I start the app, make sure it has a GPS signal and then start the tracking.  When I play some music I do so from outside the app in the iPod interface.  After I’ve got the apps running, I lock the phone and put it somewhere secure.  Once I’m done with my run I’ll stop the tracking and upload the workout to their server (assuming there’s a cell signal).  This is done with your login name and password.  Once that login information is saved you won’t have to remember it in the future.

I usually go to my laptop to view the stats but you can get statistical information from the iPhone app.

There are other reasons I like the website and app.  For starters, it gives me my elevation gained and lost.  This is really important for the running I do in the mountains.  Also, it runs in the background on a locked phone just fine.  My favorite part is not having to own another device, like a watch.  I try to get the most out of my phone since it’s going to be with me anyway and I’ve paid a lot for it.  This has saved me between $200 and $500 depending on the watch.  It’s also saved me from maintenance, care, charging and the learning curve of another device.  Finally, even it ultra marathons I’ve found the app can run for an extremely long time as the phones battery outlasts most GPS watch batteries.

The only downside to is that the sampling rate seems to be slow.  I frequently find switchbacks are cutoff or routes straightened out after the upload and overlay onto Google maps.  These shortages seem relatively minor in distance and most GPS devices are going to exhibit this flaw to some respect.

For me there’s not choice. all the way. running routes page Running Routes Page

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  1. Tim says:

    Just came across your post. Thanks for the review and supporting this grassroots site and app.
    Owner and programmer for LYR.

    • mkreuzer says:

      You’re welcome. Still use it on every run and can find nothing better. Thanks for all that you’ve done.

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