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September 6, 2017 Comments (2) Uncategorized

Nathan Vapor Krar Waistpak


The Nathan VaporKrar Waistpak is a minimalist waist pack that offers a cell phone pocket up front, two gel pockets on the side, and a rear water bottle pocket in the rear that can either hold a 16oz water bottle, a jacket, or extra food.

The Nathan VaporKrar Waistpak a training tool that offers excellent comfort with minimal impact. The one thing that really makes it work is the sizing is adjustable. Even in mid-stride you can pull the side loops and pull it tighter, reducing bounce or sloshing in the water bottle. The side pockets can hold about 2 gels each and the front pocket easily holds an iPhone 7+.

Fit – 4.0

It’s very comfortable when fully loaded. If not using the front pocket and if you pull the synch loops tight, the front of the belt has a tendency to roll up. Aside from that, even with a full water bottle, it’s quite comfortable.

Performance –  3.0

Overall the pack is fantastic, but the one major drawback is removing and returning the water bottle to the rear compartment. Use after use I simply couldn’t figure out a good way to get it out, or worse, put it back while still on the run.


Storage Capacity – 4.0

Quite good for a minimalist waist pack. Fully loaded you could likely do a 3-4 hour run. If you carry a handheld water bottle and utilize the rear pocket for additional food you could go longer.


Stability – 4.0

A full 16oz water bottle in the rear will create some bouncing, but pulled tight this can be significantly reduced. Without water in the rear, it is a fantastic fit.


Durability – 4.0

We’ve put over 120 miles on a pack and haven’t seen any signs of wear.

Appearance – 4.0

Pretty minimal and hides quite well under a shirt. Not that it’s an unattractive belt, but by design, it’s meant to be hidden.

Overall  TAUR Rating – 4.0

We’ve run plenty training runs with this waist pack and quickly learned simple ways to make it work the way we wanted it to. It’s a great piece of gear to have on hand when you need to carry a few things but don’t want to bust out the pack.



2 Responses to Nathan Vapor Krar Waistpak

  1. Shalisa Davis says:

    Thank you for the detailed review!

  2. Matt says:

    Is there a way to carry poles with the waist pack?

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