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January 3, 2017 Comments (1) Gear Reviews

Arcteryx Winter Running Apparel

Arcteryx Trino Tight


  • Arcteryx Trino Tight
  • Arcteryx Trino jacket

The Arcteryx Trino tights is a Gore Windstopper mountain running tights specifically designed to keep out the wind and cold. The Gore Windstopper is actually only used on the front of the tights and Arcteryx’s signature Atreus breathable fabric is used in back. This is designed for high active users who need to regulate temperature better. The intent is to avoid the legs getting too hot, but with the appropriate protection up front to protect from difficult conditions.

My first reaction to the tights was that they were “not tights”. Although form fitting, I wouldn’t say they have the stretch feel of a true “tights”. I am a solid men’s Medium and these fit like a glove, but they definitely had room around the quads and calves. Not to the point that they were baggy or uncomfortable, but I could tell there was a different feel from other tights I wear (I have 5 other pair of different brands). It was a very cold day and I could immediately tell that the rear Atreus breathable rear fabric was letting more air in that I was initially comfortable with. This didn’t last long, however, as my muscles warmed up from the continuous movement and the true benefits of the tights design became real. My legs were comfortable. Not simply warm, but comfortable. It was exactly what I needed. Since then, these have become a primary piece of gear each week. While different from other brands, Arcteryx has really produced a product that I will stick with.

TAUR Rated: 4.5



Arcteryx Trino Jacket


  • Arcteryx Trino Tight
  • Arcteryx Trino Jacket


The Trino jacket is a full Gore Windstopper mid-layer (for monstrously cold days) or main activewear layer designed for slightly damp and/or cold conditions. Form fitting, it sits well under an outer shell or acts supremely when used alone. The elongated sleeves guarantee wrist protection when paired with gloves and there is are rear pockets for gels or other gear. The front/side pockets are spacious, with an inner key pocket and media port, allowing users to stow a phone and run earphone cords through the inside of the jacket.

Here is the only negative. It’s hard to run in this jacket. Not because it’s uncomfortable, it actually fits perfectly well for that. But because it was never cold enough. With a single long sleeve underneath, on a 25 degree day, I was roasting hot. Granted, that was with extreme physical effort, but it was a good baseline for how I should use the jacket. As a mid layer for skiing it is absolutely perfect. Even on those days when I’ve done more hiking than running, it was the best solution as I could layer less and get a great return – protection, comfort, and warmth. It is hands down one of my favorite pieces of gear.

TAUR Rated – 5


One Response to Arcteryx Winter Running Apparel

  1. Kero says:

    Thank you for the informative review. Did you find the chest, shoulder and upper back areas of the jacket to be stretchy and roomy enough to enable unhindered arm movement? I’ve often found jackets containing Windstopper material to be rather tight and inflexible in those areas, even if when offset by stretch panels. Since I have broader shoulders from swimming, I occasionally need to size up to accommodate them, but I try to avoid that because then the torso of the jacket is much too baggy. Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

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