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May 6, 2016 Comments (2) Uncategorized

Ultimate Direction Peter Bakwin 3.0

The UD PB Adventure Pack 3.0 is a new hydration pack offering an abundance of storage and features for those long solo runs in the mountains, deserts, or wherever your feet may take you. It features an abundance of small zipper pouches and pockets throughout the pack. These are great places to stash many smaller items and gadgets such as your iPhone, blister kit, electrolyte canisters, energy bars, mp3 players, sunglasses and the list goes on and on. It comes with one of UD’s soft flasks for the front and of course will accommodate a standard bladder in the back. What is unique are integrated trekking pole holders that are on the front in lieu of the being on the back offering the user easy access on the go.

One of our testers was able to use the pack for the first time running Breakneck Point 42K. A gnarly sky marathon boasting 10,051 vertical foot of gain that takes place along the Hudson River and surrounding cliff sides in Beacon, New York. They also used it seven days later for the Hyner Trail Challenge 50k in Renovo Pennsylvania. Hyner is a mountain race with 7,500 of vertical gain and loss in the rugged Wilds Region of the state. While the other tester used it on an unsupported FKT attempt on the Zion Traverse.

The storage was a huge plus for this pack. In both cases, the testers were adequately able to be completly self sufficent for the entirity of the runs. This included packing extra layers, the UD Ultra Jacket, BD Z poles, 2 L of water and plenty of food. Fortunately, the breathability and light weight design never compromised the packs durability. To date, both testers have found no problems with the pack’s construction.  Testers were extremely surprised by the functionality of the front pole holders. They did not agitate runners and made stashing poles very accessible. The only area for improvement is in the sizing. Take a moment to make sure you get the best fit.

  • UD PB as a kids pack
  • UD PB Breakneck 42K #2
  • UD PB Breakneck 42K
  • UD PB
  • UD PB Sizing issues
  • UD PB ascending Angels
  • UD PB Zion

Suggested optimal use/Distance:  The PB Adventure Vest 3.0 is at home on long solo, unsupported runs, or for those who want to be completely sure they have EVERYTHING for all possible scenarios. This is not a race vest, unless you are doing 200 mile runs or have 20 miles between aid.

Ultimate Direction Peter Bakwin Adventure Pack 3.0
Price $169.95
Weight 14.42oz
Capacity 16L
Ratings – Out of 5
Fit 4
Performance 4.5
Durability 4
Storage 5
Ease of Use 4.5
Stability 4


2 Responses to Ultimate Direction Peter Bakwin 3.0

  1. Marko says:


    Could i use this vest for short runs or racing if i strap the vest with that bungee cord to the hooks on the side?
    I am thinking of getting this vest for all my runs from 20k to all day run.

    Best regards

    • Yes, according to the testers they felt that it could be used for long distances, not so much for short distances. The capacity is made to carry gear and water. We used it on long races and unsupported FKT attempts

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